Sunday, December 9, 2012

The real tree

This weekend was wonderful! Spent hanging out and catching up!
We had a few visitors and some great conversations.
We completed our advent calendar fun and really enjoyed each others company.
Love my little family xo

My job was wrapping

Happy little campers tonight :) xo



Day 9 - making day :)


A visit to Santa

And a whisper of what they would like for Christmas...

Next on the list.....

Thank you Briony Downes!

Such a sweet write up- thank you x

Dance fever

It did look like fun!!

Dance fever

Oskar dressed up and was keen however decided to watch it out instead this year....

Dance fever...

So the kids have been madly practicing dances for the end of year dance fever, and last Wednesday night was the night.... Indy danced up a storm and had a wonderful evening with friends.