Thursday, October 28, 2010

I ♥ sweet birds and markets

My creative fun today involved sweet bird applique summer skirts- ready for sale at salamanca this saturday.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I ♥ creative play @ our place

This is my dinning table.....such a great spot for sewing as I have everything close, kitchen, outdoors through the sliding doors for fresh air on a sunny day, perfect light with heaps of daylight, lots of room, 8 seater square table, easy sweep floor for all those threads and off cuts, & kitchen tv for watching morning shows whilst cutting and sewing- I know pretty lame but helps me relax into me sewing particularly when Pip from Meet me at Mikes is on!!.

Some more little lady I ♥ sweet birds skirts getting ready for market- these are a summer take on my cord ones.

Lots more little lady snap purses almost ready and the pile of cuttings these create.

More of these little lady hair sets made for this weekend.

My little kitties just taking it easy on top of the cupboard in the sun deck room- their "outdoor bedroom".

Oskar's lego city extension.

Indy completing her homework- it amuses me that the majority of her homework is done on the computer- ours was always a laborious task of handwriting it all down and often 2 or 3 copies for research projects!!

Have a fun week everyone and if you are out and about on Saturday- oh and in Hobart- please do pop by to visit at salamanca  we will be further down this week next to Irish Murphy's!!
~ C xo

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Salamanca: we had lots of fun xo

Thank you to everyone who dropped by at Salamanca today - it was SO great to see lots of our fav customers, friends and fellow stall holders.

Thank you also to all of the new people we had the pleasure of meeting today- so many tales of travels and gifts going interstate and over seas very exciting- and also surprisingly- { only cos I always leave it all to the last minute even though I swear every year it will be different} - lots of people getting their Christmas shopping all sorted- some even had lists they were ticking off- Indy & I were suitably impressed!!

Thanks also to my wonderful Hubby who helped me set up and pack up and my 2 little helpers through out the day- also to my oldest who stopped by as a surprise with his flat mate and helped man the stall whilst I ran off to the ladies!!!

A great day all round - at one stage it even looked like it was snowing with all the flat seeds? falling from the HUGE trees in near by St David's Park it was very pretty.

Funny how things pan out in life- I started out doing markets at Salamanca about 15 years ago with my gorgoeus sister - I LOVED it then & I must say I still LOVE it- salamanca truley has such a unique awesome vibe to it - so much fun to meet and greet so many local people plus visitors to our state.  I am so happy to be a part of it all over again!!

Any how I am now off to put my feet up and write some lists about what I need to get sorted for some custom orders and stock replenishing,  have fun  ~ C xo

Thursday, October 21, 2010

sunny day dad ♥

Our little Indy many moons ago with her first year of speech would quote every time the sun came out- "sunny day dad" with such joy in her voice!!

This has stuck now and is ALWAYS quoted by one of us as soon as we see the sun shine on a day such as the one Hobart has had today!!!

Today Oskar went to "work" with his dad - something that has evolved after Indy helping me at markets over 2010 - they have treated it as a way to "work" {and eat lots of goodies, and have plenty of hot chocolates & fizzy spider drinks & cupcakes and hot cooked breakfasts} and to "earn" some pocket money for a trip interstate in November.  Hey I'm all for fun learning!!

So Indy and I hung out at home- slept in- woohoo, and had a late girls breakie together then she did some hand sewing making a little sparrow whilst I completed some more summer silver nutmeg little ladies dresses and skirts for upcoming markets.

Any how I have to work tomorrow so am off to organise the kids as they have a student free day- am a little sad as normally I would be home tomorrow also- with 26 degrees expected- but now won't be as I have training at work :(

Have fun everyone~ and have a look here too

~ ♥ C

Friday, October 8, 2010

I ♥: the Barn Market- TOMORROW!!!!

We will be selling our wares at the barn market's final market for 2010-

it's going to be HUGE do stop by to say hello!! xo ~ C

Our special little lady hair collection packs will be there as well - all ready for the perfect gift & or stocking filler!!

See you all tomorrow xo

today's fun for me....

This is something I have had out ready for a quiet moment for me to start stitching....hmm that was about 4 months ago- so my plans are to take some time and quietly- or not so quietly depending on how well it goes for me ahem- and stitch this one followed by many others - always the optimist!!

More pics of earrings- these colours I really like!

And in my attempts at cleaning up to find other items I found my old treasured anatomy of lettering book- an interesting read on the history of fonts and some eye candy for my love of text.

Enjoy the upcoming wkd everyone!! xo

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I ♥: vintage & birdcages

Another wonderful day here in Hobart- love the sunshine and warmth!!

I'm off on the where's wally hunt that is a daily event in our house at the moment- have fun everyone.

~ C xo