Saturday, October 23, 2010

Salamanca: we had lots of fun xo

Thank you to everyone who dropped by at Salamanca today - it was SO great to see lots of our fav customers, friends and fellow stall holders.

Thank you also to all of the new people we had the pleasure of meeting today- so many tales of travels and gifts going interstate and over seas very exciting- and also surprisingly- { only cos I always leave it all to the last minute even though I swear every year it will be different} - lots of people getting their Christmas shopping all sorted- some even had lists they were ticking off- Indy & I were suitably impressed!!

Thanks also to my wonderful Hubby who helped me set up and pack up and my 2 little helpers through out the day- also to my oldest who stopped by as a surprise with his flat mate and helped man the stall whilst I ran off to the ladies!!!

A great day all round - at one stage it even looked like it was snowing with all the flat seeds? falling from the HUGE trees in near by St David's Park it was very pretty.

Funny how things pan out in life- I started out doing markets at Salamanca about 15 years ago with my gorgoeus sister - I LOVED it then & I must say I still LOVE it- salamanca truley has such a unique awesome vibe to it - so much fun to meet and greet so many local people plus visitors to our state.  I am so happy to be a part of it all over again!!

Any how I am now off to put my feet up and write some lists about what I need to get sorted for some custom orders and stock replenishing,  have fun  ~ C xo


  1. Oh, poo, Courtney! I didn't know you'd be there or I'd have dropped by. I had three blissful hours on my own in town while Mr PB looked after the pixies - my first time since we moved here over a year ago! Oh well, do let me know your next market whereabouts as I need to start getting organised for Christmas! J x

  2. It was a lovely day, great to see you and glad to hear it went well. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  3. Congrats Courtney! Sounds like a great day all round, and your stall looks lovely and inviting!

  4. Awesome Courtz!! Is this a regular gig?

  5. thanks ladies it was lots of fun and a great place for people watching!! xx


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