Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I ♥ creative play @ our place

This is my dinning table.....such a great spot for sewing as I have everything close, kitchen, outdoors through the sliding doors for fresh air on a sunny day, perfect light with heaps of daylight, lots of room, 8 seater square table, easy sweep floor for all those threads and off cuts, & kitchen tv for watching morning shows whilst cutting and sewing- I know pretty lame but helps me relax into me sewing particularly when Pip from Meet me at Mikes is on!!.

Some more little lady I ♥ sweet birds skirts getting ready for market- these are a summer take on my cord ones.

Lots more little lady snap purses almost ready and the pile of cuttings these create.

More of these little lady hair sets made for this weekend.

My little kitties just taking it easy on top of the cupboard in the sun deck room- their "outdoor bedroom".

Oskar's lego city extension.

Indy completing her homework- it amuses me that the majority of her homework is done on the computer- ours was always a laborious task of handwriting it all down and often 2 or 3 copies for research projects!!

Have a fun week everyone and if you are out and about on Saturday- oh and in Hobart- please do pop by to visit at salamanca  we will be further down this week next to Irish Murphy's!!
~ C xo

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