Thursday, September 30, 2010

a day like that

today has been weird- I SO want to do stuff- fun stuff, new stuff not boring old stuff!!  One of those days I think- perhaps tonight might be time for some new lists.....that's if I can kill this headache thats has been brewing for a few days darn headaches!!!!

Think the head issue might be related to the weather- above is the view from the balcony off my bedroom brrr.
And below is looking down from there into my front overgrown garden !!

My fav wall in the house with lots of  the family shots on there!! It has done well as the long hall is often used as a footy field, cricket pitch, dancing strip, and of late a basketball area???

My white towel corner in the down stairs bathroom- aka the kids bathroom!!  All white towels are a bliss use them and then just bleach them all and they always look so fresh!!

I wasn't sure wether to add this one or not as it is my very messy half renovated kitchen!! hehe BUT i do love my stove it is bliss!! 

a new order just about finished just needs a nice vintage white button eye!!

a pile of fabrics I am playing with for a new order for a little baby girls quilt....still playing just cant seem to make any decisive decisions this week?  Must be the head?

Any how I am off out and about now so enjoy the day everyone!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A VIP 7th Birthday Party goes something like this....

WHAT a weekend!!!!

We have all had SO much fun this last weekend!!

The kids all had a ball Oskar was 7 on the day of the party- Nell & Isla were both 7 within the last 10 days!!!

60 odd children and their parents - most stayed to join in the fun- a HUGE thank you to everyone involved for making this such an awesome event!!

VERY lucky kids these ones :) xx

Back to work tomorrow- enjoy the fun everyone!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

more fun that we have been having

We have been busy with lots of new things here at SN&AGP HQ part of the new hair range are these, what do you think?

And some more images of inside Martin's shop as promised.

what a great give away- Pop over to nest

Natalie from Nest is offering a wonderful giveaway on her blog

All you have to do is pop by and leave a comment.

Go on you should do it....

back to preparing for my little man to turn 7- am just a little scared at how quickly that has happened !!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

busy saturday for the turners!!!

Today was such a great day!!!

Magnolia's in bloom- had to borrow some from front garden to brighten my dinning table!! 

Fresh Hellieborus for the bathroom & kitchen window sill - love these they always make everything so cheerful!!

Then spent day helping hubby stocktake and set up some cool new display's at his store- very excited with how its all looking!!! Will post more pics tomorrow-

enjoy the weekend everyone!! xxoo

Thursday, September 9, 2010


continuing with my stash of hexagons - i love making these they are cute, quick and very rewarding!!

Off now to do more fun stuff!!! LOVE the spring weather makes me feel very inspired.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A journal & the promise of fun!!

{image from isis}

My Adorable Journal From ISIS the bottom right one with the bird- I LOVE IT!!!

Back to "work" for a couple of days the my holidays start and I have plenty planned!!! 

I have so many sewing things for me and home that I want to get that will be my first step dragging them all back out and deciding which one to go with first- knowing me I will probably sit and look at them for a day or so and then decide to start something completely new tehe!!! 
{ i will post some pics I promise}

And I have the wonderful Rosie from the Fox and the bowerbird printing some more fabric for me- YIPPEE!!!!

Surely the excitement of collecting that later in the week will get me through the next few days at work!! 

Enjoy the spring days every one!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fathers day & The Market

The scrolls & cushions were a hit!!

I really couldn't have had so much fun today if it wasn't for this little lady!! Love u Indy xo

I was very lucky to have Isis beside me to chat to through out the day.  Indy & I both had to make a purchase or two of her great goodies!! - will show pics later.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by today and again for all the great customers who so willingly support handmade!!

And it was so great for both Indy & I  to catch up with market buddies who were  selling & shopping, & helping their mums also,  at the market today!

Well it is school holidays here now and I am going to take some time to hang with the most important people in my life and do a little restocking of old fav's and work on some new lines for the next round of markets- oh did I mention after I have a bit of a break first..... Enjoy the spring time everyone xo

Saturday, September 4, 2010

happy fathers day dad for tomorrow!! xx

Vintage tram number and letter scrolls for sale at the market tomorrow- perfect last minute pressie for dad!! A range of numbers and letters available yippee!!

And part of a new range of aprons for sale- this one in A Spring Clean Apron!! Ace!!

Do stop by to the masonic temple in sandy bay road 10 - 3 such fun things available from so many awesome clever Tasmanian ladies & gents!!