Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy Australia Day!!!

Happy Australia Day everyone!!

We are lucky enough to have some wonderful friends who really love to celebrate Australia Day each year- there is the usual BBQ, beach environment ( a shack, {which is an architecturally designed home} right onto the beach at dodges ferry), they organise themed games for the kiddies, and we all contribute and have an absolutley fantastic day!!!!

We cant wait!!!!! Just need work to be over for the day and we are high tailing it down!!!

Do you celebrate Australia Day?  What do you do?


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A sweet little break!!

Hello all- I hope you are all very well!

We have enjoyed a very nice break from things over here at Silver Nutmeg Designs HQ- I hope you have too!

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been affected by the floods around the country particulary in QLD- where a lot of my relatives are at the moment!!

It is so heart warming to see all that the online community is doing to help!!  We as a family have decided to donate via both our bank and at our local Coles supermarket.

I have some fun things keeping me very busy at the moment, as well as two children on school holidays and one child moving house, however I have some really, really exciting plans for where to take silver nutmeg designs for 2011- more on that later I promise.

For a couple of sweet, sweet ladies who are waiting on their orders to be delivered I promise they are not far away- I had a small health hiccup that also put a bit of a hold on progress- however I am sure that has passed and I am now on the mend!!

Some images that I have found very inspiring to get back in and revamp my HQ room for 2011.

image from here ~ so clean and fresh and nice.....

image from here  ~ looks nice and organised and I love the colours!

image from heather bailey's sewing room......LOVE!!!

So sew pretty!!!

Enjoy your week everyone and we will be back at Salamanca market this weekend next to Irish Murphies.

~ C xo