Sunday, June 27, 2010

weekend fun

 A fun weekend of sports hanging out and renovating!
Oskar  was team captain this week and led his team to a win scoring 2 goals in the first 10 minutes!
Indy's soccer team won also- they played so well against an almost all boy team.
The kitchen is starting to look very smart.
Enjoy the week ahead everyone xo

Thursday, June 24, 2010

today's creative play is more just watching rather than creating :(

I have been struck down by a horrid flu and have spent this week feeling pretty ordinary in deed! I even went back to bed yesterday after the kids left with hubby for school- I cant remember the last time I slept during the day!!

Anyhow I hope everyone else is well- I have included a shot of my pile "lounge quilts" - as I have been spending  a lot of time under them of late. They are are varying sizes - to suit mamma bear, papa bear and baby bears, a few that Indy has made and with a range of internal wadding from cotton, wool & cotton blend.  They are all well used and well washed and were never made to be show pieces but to add a bit of warmth and love for the kiddies!
Next up is some more vintage sheets for the swap which I need to get cut up into FQ and in the mail- they wont be too far away Ange!!  And one of my vintage tea towel cushions- another fav item of mine.

And last but not least- my lovely postie delivered these great fabrics for me to get busy with- as soon as I am feeling up for it!!
For more creative play look here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fun stuff

My little man kicked 5 goals and 2 points at his big game on Sunday!!! And his name was in the paper again- he's so very proud!! hehe very cute.

just a random shot of my three

Zeppelin was a little too cold to come out any further on the morning this was taken.

Dancing was a blast- Indy picked up the new routine really well and is so very excited to be a part of it all again!!
Hope everyone else is doing fun stuff as well- xo

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jazz, ballet & tap

My little girl is returning to the world of dance- with her mum & dad hoping for a less "full on" environment than her previous dance school!

At first she was happy to be leaving her old school as she really did not enjoy the severely competitive atmosphere that there was- mostly between the parents!!- and neither did we so after much discussion we all decided to leave it for a while whilst she followed other areas of creativity-

Now it has become apparent though that dance & song and performance are something she truly treasures and enjoys!- such the opposite of me!! I think she gets that from her dad- who is has been said about before that he was a bit of a show pony in the boxing ring- although I didn't say that ok?!

So anyhow we have done some serious research are hopeful we have found a nice creative environment for her to continue to learn and develop at her pace and through an enjoyed process,
plus her best friend- who is just the most adorable little girl also- attends this school !!

Anyhow after much spending over the last week or so- yes 3 pairs of shoes are required and the right style of bottoms to wear, and colour coordinated top and hair done a certain way- I did say hopeful of a change?!- we are heading back into it!! Wish us all luck
{images had no reference details from place downloaded from}

Friday, June 18, 2010

todays fun


I have completed some more dresses which is good because I have had a few people request a couple of special order ones for their little girls..although today all I really wanted to do was well a big fat nothing!!! I had grand plans of swimming, shopping, sewing, cleaning but my true self just didn't want to play the game today- think I may just continue to give in to it and go pour the spa- perhaps have some chocolate as well? & may even just need a nice little drink as well- just so I am really relaxed ....hehe-  have a great night everyone & enjoy the weekend- is it bad that I am hoping the rain continues so the soccer grounds are too wet tomorrow??

Thursday, June 17, 2010

cutting, sewing, ironing, and cleaning- that has been my day

Today has been a day of  inside fun for me- after many drawings and draft sewing of some new patterns [and many trying on requests to Indy for help determining sizing] today i got to start more cutting and sewing of my continuing range of tunics and pinnies. 
 Then I remembered that Indy has a friend coming to stay tomorrow night and thought I had better do something about the bombsite I had been helping create by all of my cutting and sewing- SO I set to getting things looking a bit more respectable & although not perfect I would be pleased if my mum dropped by right about now to check it out and assume I must have my housewife skills in order- before it all gets messed up again- no touching, put that away, pick up that bit of fluff, wash your glass after using it......oh bugger I still have upstairs to do :(
have a look at this sweet ladies area for more creativeness

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the school term routine starts again

and leaves the kiddies all tired out.....ahhhhhh!!
so I dragged my upstairs machine back into the lounge!!!
Will be busy with pinnies & tunic's & little peoples pants- oh and staying warm and perhaps one or two hot chocolates... hehe
what about you how will you be staying warm?

Sunday, June 13, 2010

vintage inspired tunic dress- sneak peak

days of fun stuff

today was a good day filled with fun and 2 birthday parties happy birthday barbara and maddie!! Followed by more sewing of some of my new designs I am busy working on and constructing- yah how exciting!!
thanks to my lovely friend for keeping me company today - I had a great day- xx

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yah to apron swap goodies arriving!!!!

I was VERY happy when I left my computer room to be told that a package had arrived for me in the mail!!

Such awesome apron goodness all the way from Glossop Derbyshire in the United Kingdom!!!

Thanks SO very much Deb I love it - as does my "boss" she was very chuffed indeed so very sweet of you!!!

My little cutie..
The Bosses!! ;)
LOve the vintage doily - clever lady indeed!!
PLus Deb also made us some very cute charm bracelet - sorry my keyboard batteries went flat halfway through typing- anyhow on notebook now so all is good again- phew- where was I? Ah yes Deb's surprises were so very pretty and made Indy & I both very happy indeed.

Deb has a great blog why not jump over and say hello to her there..

bookwork was the order of the day in my house

after a bucket load of new skirts and tunics and gypsy tops and dresses for the upcoming market's today i had to take a break from my lovely machines to attend to some rather over due paper work....think I may just need another chai latte break now- hope everyone is having fun & staying warm!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Eastside Makers Market June- such fun!

lovely atmosphere and wonderful people to catch up with again- I love this part of the markets- just wish I was not so tired today!!
OH AND I WON A JOINT AWARD FOR "BEST STALL DISPLAY"  & received as a prize a $50 Voucher for Xtras Direct donated from the lovely owner Linda Brown!

more pics again tonight just a wee bit tired...xo