Thursday, June 17, 2010

cutting, sewing, ironing, and cleaning- that has been my day

Today has been a day of  inside fun for me- after many drawings and draft sewing of some new patterns [and many trying on requests to Indy for help determining sizing] today i got to start more cutting and sewing of my continuing range of tunics and pinnies. 
 Then I remembered that Indy has a friend coming to stay tomorrow night and thought I had better do something about the bombsite I had been helping create by all of my cutting and sewing- SO I set to getting things looking a bit more respectable & although not perfect I would be pleased if my mum dropped by right about now to check it out and assume I must have my housewife skills in order- before it all gets messed up again- no touching, put that away, pick up that bit of fluff, wash your glass after using it......oh bugger I still have upstairs to do :(
have a look at this sweet ladies area for more creativeness


  1. I love those patchwork squares, is that wallpaper? and your patchwork bath mat is awesome too!

  2. beautiful bath mat!!I am procrastinating and feel guilty now reading about your efforts ;o) because my parents are arrving from interstate today and I ought to be never ends!


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