Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New year means new plans, new ideas, new fun, new things to be discovered!!

I have always loved the idea of a new year- a clean slate to start a fresh with or just bring new ideas to the old plan.  It always seems so exciting and full of promise and dreams!!!

The past week or so has been delightful here at silver nutmeg HQ- we have had the best time with family and friends and I feel truly blessed and SO very lucky for having such amazing awesome people in my life!!

A few quick pics of some stuff at our place- as I want to get back to kiddies and teach Indy how to finger knit.

Funny note too:: after a Christmas night get together with an awesome bunch of folks- we got on to the topic of what we used to do as kids and part of this was string style origami I guess : you know about a meter of wool tied up into a loop and then you use your fingers and thumbs to make "rocket", whiskers, bridge, Eiffel tower, cup and saucer, parachute etc.... any how my kids have spent the past 4 days between mastering all these  and playing basket ball- loving it old school style!!!  New Years is teaching them "elastics"!!

~ C xo

Christmas morning fun!!

Outdoor fun!!

Yah I got one!!!

So very pretty and inspiring.

My beloved tea cup pin cushion- this I just adore!!!

A new addition- I ♥ having such crafty kind friends!!!

From my little Oskar!!! Too cute!!

Happy New Years Everyone!!


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last minute preparations for Christmas Day, special guests & Boxing day at Salamanca

We wish you a merry christmas- a very merry christmas.........included in todays joys was making some fabric hoop decorations for the house!!!

I have wanted to get these together for a while and am so pleased with them as I will be able to change them as often as I like with  favorite fabrics new and vintage!! 

 Plus the kids had a ball helping me choose fabrics today and where to put them up!!

 We also had a guest room to spruce up for our special Christmas guests!!!

yep they get a little addictive!!!

~C xo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I ♥ fabric give aways!!!

Corrie over at Retro Mummy is a super dooper fabulous fabric giveaway.

 Up for grabs are 2 fat quarter SETS of Flower Sugar. 

I ♥♥♥ this fabric!!!

Giveaway is open until New Year's Eve. 

Please let me win, please let me win- pretty pretty please!!! xo

Monday, December 20, 2010

my little typo's ♥ them!!

today is my birthday!!

My special way of spending it- just hanging out with my little family and friends no fancy dinners no fancy talk just hanging!!

Thank you to everyone for their sweet birthday wishes!!!

I am now heading off to our annual kids pre christmas PJ party!!!

Enjoy~ C xo 


Friday, December 17, 2010

salamanca near Kelly's steps is where we will be ♥

We have lots of new goodies all ready to go for Christmas pressies!!

Have a great weekend everyone ~ C xo

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

i ♥ christmas

image from here

image from google unsure of original source

image from australian country living

Monday, December 13, 2010

a good weekend- an up and down Monday.

Saturday was salamanca- an awesome day- a little crazy weather wise, but I had great neighbours for company, great shoppers, ace visitors, plus my Oskar stayed ALL day with me!!

I got some more christmas shopping done including an awesome hiragii t shirt for Oskar, and 2 little gingerbread kits for the kiddies to make next week once holidays have started!!

Then Sunday was filled with dancing and singing and costumes and hair being made up and make up and lots of little girls all excited and nervous all at once and one or two stressed mums trying to get it all perfect!! ha-ha

Indy was a dream so well behaved and loved her make up- no surprise there really- and did so well even completing her solo flawlessly!!! Not bad for a little lady who only started dancing again 6 months ago!! (Yep I was just a little proud and felt so sick with nerves for her before each of her 5 performances!!)

The concert was a blast and all of the girls did really really well!!

Then today was supposed to be filled with sewing but instead was a little chrissy shopping then I was struck down by a truly horrid migraine so have spent the day trying to recover in bed whilst giving direction to the rest of the family who are also home- Oskar has what looks like chicken pox the second time around, Indy a spained/sore knee from dancing and Marty trying to enjoy his "day off"!!

Any how wish me luck and if you have any spare please send your positive thoughts my way as I have a rather tricky day to unfold at "work" tomorrow to find out my near doubt where this head issue has come from!!

Onwards and upwards I always say!!
~C ox

Edit note: I also just received a call from my Aunty who lives in WA to let me know that my Uncle passed away this morning and she needs to get hold of my mum- has been about 15 years since I last spoke with or saw her.  Very sad- RIP Billy Kolos.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

(My new wreath on my front door I treated myself to at last weekends market!!)

Christmas just seems to have sprung up so quickly this year- I don't know what it is but it just feels like it is going to involve SO much more effort this year- maybe it is just me and a result of my on going health dilemmas hmm maybe I am just getting older who knows- BUT I still ♥ Christmas and all the excitement that comes with it and I ♥ making it a special magical time for my kids and little family.

The kids have written out their letter to santa and all the cards for their classmates and teachers - now just need to put together presents for school teachers, best friends, dancing teachers...

I just think that the more simple it is the better and that nanna naps may be a must have requirement of the day followed by a nice lazy day on boxing day!!

Oh and if someone can come and clean and do my usual pre christmas de-clutter of all rooms in my house and sort the laundry and re paint indy's room and re sort and remove items from my wardrobe for vinnies and help the kids do their usual pre christmas pressies sort of what pre loved toys and books to give to vinnies THAT would SO awesome!!!!!  There has to be a magical fairy out there who would love that job doesn't there???

Any how I have more stuff to do and more lists to enjoy the night everyone and I'll pop back in soon when I have forgotten what it is that I am supposed to be writing lists about...

~C xo

next round of posting with more orders complete!!

Hi everyone- just a quick update to let everyone who are waiting for delivery of their orders know that after a rather hectic weekend- 2 x markets and an 18th birthday - the next lot are "good to go" and will be posted out tomorrow when I am able to return to my little silver nutmeg business!! 

I also work part time in another role and sometimes this has to take priority when deploying my time  :( 

Any how I ♥♥♥ my little business more than the other role and am very happy I get to be back in amongst it all sewing up a storm tomorrow!! Woohoo!!!

So look out for your goodies and enjoy the week everyone!!

~ C xo

Friday, December 3, 2010

Pics of some new stuff!! ♥ birds I do.

Most of these were part of some special custom orders which I loved so much I made duplicates or similar styles for the pre Christmas markets.

We are having such heavy rain in Hobart tonight on and off- I do hope it clears a little for tomorrow morning set up!!

Enjoy the weekend folks ~ C xo

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Orders, orders, orders- we ♥ customer orders.

Woot woot!!  Have been a busy busy busy little bee at Silver Nutmeg Designs HQ this last week since returning from our fabo trip interstate!!

AND the great news is that just about all of the new orders are just about complete- bar one or two little red buttons, and will get into the post by the end of the week!! YAH!!!! there are some really cute new designs I have made up too will pop up some pics soon.

Also if you are out and about in Tassie this weekend do stop by and visit us at the markets we are at:

**Saturday**- Salamanca near the lawn and silos
8:30 until 3pm

**Sunday**- Eastside makers market- PCYC Scott Street Bellerieve
10- 3pm!!

Have fun chickens!!

~ C xo

Monday, November 29, 2010

I really do ♥ sewing and playing with pretty fabrics.

{all images from Domayne see link below}

I got a cool white Moose also- love it!!

Another item I bought from Domayne in Melbourne- I do love lots of the cool stuff this shop has!!

Today was a production line at the overlocker followed by the ironing station- next step is they sewing machine then elastic threading and hand sewing of button eye- phew..

Skirts just after having their appliques heat secured ready to be individually machine stitched

Lot of strips all ironed ready to be attached 

 Some finished products ready for the mail man!!

Over the next few days I need to complete these skirts, make more slip dresses, finish a baby quilt, complete more hair sets, make more bibs, and get ready for a double whammy market weekend!!

~ C xo