Wednesday, March 31, 2010

busy days

days of sewing and altering patterns and testing sizes and more sewing...

new range is developing well:
  • tunics galore,
  • little lads pants
  • little lady gypsy tops
  • little lady slip dresses
  • little people singlets and rompers
  • new toy softie designs
  • new range of bags and totes
  • Goodie Bags - my creation of bags of goodies for inquisitive children - with a forever changing range of exciting goodies within...
  • more patterns and designs in creation- I like to "design" and create my own items when I can however if I do work from a pattern I will either seek the creators permission before creating to sell from their pattern OR I use their pattern ONLY as inspiration and make alterations enough to be creating a whole new pattern and ensuring that it is no longer an exact replica-  as I know how much work and effort goes into designing and creating patterns.
I believe we are lucky with  the vast range of creators with in our state  allows for individuality and unique creations  as everyone works to keep original and creative- we all have our own styles and colour preferences and even though we may come across the same type of garment or item creativity flows with every one making their own ideas and designs.

We are all busy people and I can appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into creating and designing whilst trying to stay original - esp for us working mums and working creators who do this whole thing secondary to other busyness of their lives!!

I have spent many years as a creator and designer and had an early introduction into the whole market scene over 10 years ago when my sister  and I spent 6 years traveling to the markets selling everything from children's clothing, toys and accessories to handcrafted jewelry, soft textiles and furnishings, and handcrafted furniture as well as fresh produce and sweets and treats.

I LOVE the atmosphere provided by the buzz at market day and enjoy the thrill of other people liking and buying your goods!!  

However, I don't like the politics that can exist between market stall holders and do find this side a challenge- for me its about creating what I love, what my children love, what my customers love and custom creations for that someone special!!  So that's what I will continue to do - just make and create - I have never truly been in it all for the $ but as I said for the love of creating.

Any how this is something that has been on my mind for a while now and just wanted "get it of my chest now" to create more space in my forever busy mind!! I hope everyone reads this just as my take on the scene and no intentional mention to offend anyone or any creations.

Enjoy the busy ness of life everyone!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Part of Silver nutmeg's new range...

We are very excited at Silver Nutmeg & A Golden Pear headquarters because we have made a start on our new "developing" range of children's wears, toys & accessories....we will  keep posting details when we have more pics to show!!

First we have:  One of our new Halter Neck Tunic range this can either be worn as a tunic dress with length or as a stylish tunic top as modeled by my very talented assistant Indy, it is a classic & flattering a-line style with gentle gathering at the neck line on both the front and back of the tunic and is completed with a gorgeous bow on one side - I really don't know what I'd do with out Indy's help- it's not like I would model it for you guys!!!  Thank you Indy.

(This one Indy is modeling is actually a size 3 tunic dress but as you can see it fits a 9 year old wonderfully  as a tunic top- so versatile I think that part is really important to us mums!!! - oh and very comfy as reported by Indy.

Next we have:

A sample of our little lad's range these ones are some comfy slacks with designer highlights on them- Oskar did want to model these but ahem they are to fit a 9 month old....

So... not to be left out of pictures of my very talented team we have Oskar wearing a cowboy collar- (really a fabo fabric necklace Indy brought from Sonia at Sunday's Child at Mathilda's)

So anyhow back to it- have great week everyone drop in and say hi if you're up for it!!
 Courtney, Indy & Oskar xo

Eastside Makers Market

We did it- Indy & I knocked over 2 markets in 1 weekend and had a ball whilst doing so- we met some wonderful people buying- thank you every one!! 

Caught up with and met some amazing and very talented designers and creators!!! You guys are ace!!

And had 1 or 2 tired moments but all in all we had an awesome time over the weekend.  YAH!!!
I think my only suggestion to the Eastside ladies is I would prefer to finish a little earlier than 4 pm and by the end of the day the hall did get a little hot- but this was quickly fixed by opening up the back door which allowed a small breeze to come through.  

Anyone considering being a part of this market I would recommend it - there was a really nice creators vibe there and it was nice to  get back to a true "makers" market where most designers had created and made their goods from scratch- sort of old school style- it was nice.

Our site

we had a steady stream of customer's for most of the day- I was a bit surprised at how many people that came through- well done to Suzi and the organisers for creating such a great day.

Suzi's great items - I just loved her display of vintage items.

 Little Black Crows site- LOVE it all!!! So talented.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

WOW what a day!!! @ Mathilda's Market

After such a full on week we made it to Mathilda's and got set up- with only a couple of hiccups like accidently setting up at table no. 17 instead of 18 - receiving a parking ticket issued by the TAS police whilst unloading- Mathilda's organisers have assured me they are looking into this for me as part of our set up instructions were to unload cars then move them to parking which I did-  apparently there were a few others who they got as well...will keep you posted how this works out...

Then it was 9am and in our wonderful shoppers came all buzzing and excited to buy!!!
I had indy with me again- thank goodness as she was so very helpful- as always- and I really really appreciated her help today after my horrible week!!

We had such an awesome time- the venue was great- the organisers are just wonderful and I have to thank them for all of the effort and time they must have put in to making today such a success, and so many  lovely talented stall holders there- AND we had an amazing day sales wise- we sold out - yep sold out of several items!!!!!!! Even though I had taken extra to what I thought I would need- this really was my kind of market- start them early busy busy busy and then finish up early!!!!! 

 I can not wait to attend another Mathilda's market- if only they had one every weekend then I could retire from my "real" job!!

This table side was almost bare by 1pm and I only had empty bags and containers left under the table!!!
No more Owls left, (I have one at home I can take with me tomorrow) rabbits all gone, only one Miss Dolly, almost half the skirts I took with me gone, a heap of bags all off to new homes, sold out of several types of my funky fabric earrings,  a  plastic storage container box of hair band noodle boxes all sold- these were such a hit - I will keep up this packaging for sure I just love it & I had such a positive response from both customers and other stall holders on these I think i will make it part of my overall design style and theme !! Singlets only about 6 left, Goodie bags- ALL GONE!!!!- these have also been a great hit and I think I will work to continue developing the concept of these and have them part of my signature brand.

Awesome face painter on site kept little kiddies happy!!

I have a lot of work ahead of me to replenish my stock- but  I wouldn't want it any other way it is so nice to know that people like my stuff!! That is the best bit for me!!
 I think it is important that I continue to keep things fresh and keep introducing new "stuff" from my design folders at home this helps keep Silver Nutmeg growing and keeps me inspired to continue on as well!

Thank you hugely to every customer I have had both today and at the markets this year I think my business concept of trial-ling markets for 2010 and seeing how they go is really a direction I am happy to continue with and that is really due to the split of wonderful customers and such a great group of hobart designers and creators who do share the journey with you!!!

Any how I must be really tired as that was all warm and fuzzy hey!! Now off for a rest and then packing it all up to go again tomorrow at the inaugural EASTSIDE MAKERS MARKET!!!!!

Come and check it out with me at Clarence Police Citizens & Youth Club in Scott Street Bellerive from 10 - 4pm not too sure what state I'll be in come 3ish but please do stop by and say hello!!!

Now Im in trouble for not resting....see you all tomorrow

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Mathilda's here we come... YAH!!!!

Both Indy & I are very excited about showcasing our goods at the inaugural Mathilda's Market in Hobart- this is the first time this wonderful market has come over to Tassie and we are all buzzing to be a part of it!!

Please come by and visit there will be some amazing stall holders there who like us have all been hand picked by the talented Mathilda's team- I cant wait to do some easter shopping myself!!

It is at the Hobart Function and Conference centre from 9am till 1pm.
Please do come on over and say hi!!

craaazzzy busssyyy.....

nah just cruising really - tongue in cheek- what a hectic week- 

  • 3 full days at "work"
  • kids busy with school stuff 
  • and after school stuff-
  • an emergency dentist trip or me- followed by more xray's and
follow up appointments required- I'll deal with that bit next week- 
  • making stuff for markets - this is the bit I love!!!
  • organizing Indy's birthday- 
  • dealing with being unhappy from some terrible customer 
service we received from a local business - :(
  • and have had a migraine for a day or two also.
......bring on the easter break- also the bit I LOVE hanging
with kids and family and sister is coming down from Melbourne!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a ball!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

busy days

busy preparing for 2 markets this weekend- what was I thinking??? 

 Hopefully all will go well!! 

 Any how - plenty of sewing has been done making lots more goodie bags and some more owls which have both been really popular at recent markets with some retailers enquiring about them also...

Hope to see everyone out and about on the weekend...

1. Mathilda's Market- Saturday 27th 9am to 1pm

We’re so excited! On Saturday 27th March we will be showcasing our wares at Mathilda's Market. This is a fabulous niche market that offers unique, stylish and affordable baby & kids goods that are lovingly handmade or of limited production. 
The retailers are hand picked to ensure an exciting product range. 
 It's a kid's shopping heaven. 
Better yet, most of the retailers do not have a shop front, so you know you'll find something special, not available anywhere else. 
Please come and see our stand at Mathilda’s Market from 9am to 1pm at the Hobart Function and Conference Centre, One Elizabeth Street Pier, Hobart. Entry is free. 
With almost 40 retailers, gourmet food, a cafe and kids entertainment, Mathilda’s Market is one of Hobart’s best shopping destinations for the little ones. For a sneak preview, have a look at the website ( and enjoy a browse through the photos of all participants. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

handmade hobart & election day in tasmania

A good day was had by us at the handmade  market even though we were outside because the hall was being used for a polling booth- I took my trusty helper Indy along and she did help me indeed- even making some sales while I was out looking/buying from other stall holders!!!

Her reward? her choice of dinner and a pair of earrings and hair slides she had been eyeing off earlier in the week- I work em hard don't I??! Had the oldest on brother watching duties as well- sounds like I'm into hard labour hey?- well what's a mum to do when she has to be at market?  All part and parcel I believe...

I had a great placement in between some lovely ladies who had a production line of knitting and crocheting going themselves- they looked great & Sonia from Sunday's Child with her adorable children's tops and dresses & nice things!!

Indy's first purchase of the day- see it's not ALL work...

From madddies cupcake creations- had to get a couple for her brothers as well.

Proof that she earned it!!  I was told I was demoted to assistant stall holder until it was time to pack up while she "managed" the stall- it was my job to get the drinks and make sure the stall was neat- hmm looks like I missed the stray leaves- dont tell the boss!!

Looking down at us all- I think if I was eager to have more outdoor markets I would need to invest in a BIG STRONG gazebo/marquee- any one looking anaconda has them on sale at the moment...

Brings back memories from when I was at school here...such beautiful old buildings

just cos its a smart looking bird and oh how I do love birds...

Now back to the sewing room madly- well tomorrow I think- as had lots of sales and now must replace and reproduce for upcoming markets next weekend:

1. mathilda's on Saturday- bit nervous about this one- hope it is really busy and that my display looks inviting and that i have lots of sales to recoup my stall fee...
2. east-side makers market on Sunday- this is a new market and I am looking forward to meeting Suzi and the girls in person and hoping for a pleasant design environment.

Wish me luck... enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone and thanks to all the lovely stall holders- It is really nice to catch up with everyone again!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

something new

A couple of my new items which will be available this Saturday at the Handmade Hobart Market
St Peters Hall cnr Harrington & Brisbane street's 10-3- come and say hi if you are about!

1. Grannies - as pin cushions

2. Bag of goodies- "road works"

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Handmade Hobart Special Election day market- this saturday

Handmade Hobart
Saturday 20th March

(please note that our March Market is one day only)
10am till 3pm
Next to St Peter's Hall
Harrington Street, Hobart

It's on again Handmade Hobart market, but a little different this time around to make way to the polling booths for the weekends State Election - the stall holders will be outside in marquees and tents on the adjacent netball court.

This Market is going to be an awesome one as there will be extra space for more stalls of awesomeness from Hobart’s designers & crafters and there will even be a BBQ sausage sizzle!!

So why not head down and do your compulsory voting and check out an amazing market at St Peters Hall on the corner of Harrington & Brisbane street Hobart on Saturday oh and make sure you pop over and say hi


Sunday, March 14, 2010

a busy busy weekend- I'm all tired out now ;)

hair ties getting ready- almost all done

hair slides and more brooches to finish now

some of the autumn little lady skirt range- minus the one's Indy wanted to keep

a tower of bags

what has everyone else been up to?

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

my creative space = bags

more bags getting ready for market...

now onto more hair bands and more fun stuff....

i am looking forward to the upcoming markets and to catching up with fellow marketers? is that a word?

any how just wanted to say hi to everyone as it can get a little lonely in your own little studio busily creating with no feed back from shoppers and no creative chatting and inspirations from market friends...
hope you are all well!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

a fun weekend was had by all

We headed off to cockle creek with some family and friends to catch some R & R and had the best time!!!

Kids all had a ball- playing in water and kayaking too, and the adults also managed to enjoy themselves !!

Hope you all had a fabulous wkd as well!

Enjoy your week ahead


Friday, March 5, 2010

carnival week......

both littlies have had their back to school swimming carnivals 

and both lucky enough to have had great weather

the pool looked very enticing

the grade ten swimming team came to help out for the day

then the hot weather saw a huge stick insect trying to join us for dinner...a bit blurry  sorry

now we have a fun weekend planned with lots of bush walks, kayaking, and good times

what have you all got planned?

have fun

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

full moon tonight

pic outside lounge window with low light conditions and camera set on auto mode....looks like a face with blurred moon and lights.

really I should be cleaning messy house.....

nah....that can wait till another day...

busy busy busy- I have finally found my creative spirit and whipped up some more cute stuff for upcoming markets.....
*a mix of hair bands and clips,
*more goody bags, 
*more skirts with a more autumn theme,
*more autumn inspired bags, 
*more softies patterns, 
*more zipper allsorts purses
*some more cushions for shops
with plenty more to do- so I'll get back to it and pop some pics up in the next day or two
plus helping oldest kiddie wink with his grand plans, organising swimming lessons for youngest two, planning a party for my beautiful daughter, completing tax office work, starting setting up an online store, continuing my day job, managing kiddies solo for a few nights a week as hubby contracting on ships, organising a camping trip this weekend, catching up with family for a nice over due get together, sorting out studio- again, Im struggling to stay tidy!!, heading to the gym, trying to find some "me"time.{not likely at this stage of busy- if anyone knows of an awesome yoga or pilates teacher in hobart pls let me know] wonder I am SOOOOO tired!!!! 
happy crafting everyone