Thursday, July 22, 2010

todays fun was this- ta da

mostly today was cleaning and some cutting out and a little ironing of a few quilt tops that need to be finished off.

2 of my fav couch 'aunty cookie' cushions with Oskar's quilt I made him a few years ago.

Oskar's old bowling pins in his room

and his box of match box cars

to see what other have been doing look here

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

then there were 2

My dad had one of these when my I was a little girl- and I remember my sister and I eagerly playing "offices" on it and feeling oh so grown up in our handmade, with love from mum, a-line denim skirts with applique and our knee high boots!! Hmm yes perhaps not a lot has really changed??!!

More sweet birdie cushions to make.

I have spent the day so far thinking about all of the sewing I need of do for upcoming markets- a lot of my new range of vintage inspired little lady tunics sold and were a big hit at mathilda's last saturday and now need replacing- sometime this thinking just has to be done- and lots of it - so I think I will continue with it and leave any sewing until later in the week!

I also have some patterns to create from my drawings- however I think my thinking is still needed on those as well- think I could do with a nice hot drink now and a cosy couch blanket.

Have a great week everyone!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

today was mathilda's and it was fun

After deciding to have an extra 20 mins sleep- I was tired ok- up we got packed the car and headed in- unpacked set up and had a look around!

Thanks to my gorgeous Indy-- who is now sleeping- for all of her help I really don't think the market scene would be the same without her there!!
And a huge thank you goes out to my friend Jacque who came and picked Indy up and took her to soccer and brought her back AND then bought some goodies of me- thanks so much Jac!!

Although the day seemed much quieter than last Mathilda's in March surprisingly enough went I got home and tallied it all up it was a really good day!!! 

Thank you Robyn for being so wonderful all day and greeting and welcoming all of our customers, I look forward to seeing you soon!

An action shot of Rosie!!

Rosie's  amazing looking stall!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE

Miriam's great set up!

The girls from Elf dreams- looks awesome Meg & Cherrie!

Ah ha I couldn't help myself I had to have these from Notions and The Fox & The Bowerbird- LOVE THEM!!!!  And Rosie, Oskar loved the surprise bag- although he still wanted to call you but just for a chat I think- hehe.

Then it was a quick pack up and trip down to Salamanca to pick up this!!! 

HOW AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He is easing himself in to his new surroundings- I don't think he completely trusts us yet and has been quietly conveying the place since he got here- he even made his way into some cupboards??

And then yes proof of his world domination ideals here- perhaps he has decided he is no longer in hostile territory?  Although he is still remaining to be a little unresponsive- we'll see how the night goes.

However I have warned everyone just don't stare at him for too long because it is a well known fact that if you stare at an Occupational Force for too long 9 times out of 10 they will attack you.....

Holly you are a legend and have brought amazing happiness to my little Oskar today- 

thank you kind Pacific lady!!!

Anyhow I have some serious me time to go and enjoy!! 

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mathilda's time again!!!

We'll be there so come along and say hi- and check out our goodies we will have for sale!!! 
Cant wait!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Come to the Market tomorrow- go on I say!!

The Masonic Temple- Sandy Bay Road - 10 till 3 pm 
Awesome goodies yummy food and a new lounge area- 
cant think of a better way for you all to spend your Sunday!!

Friday, July 2, 2010


today has been about house work & some market prep time- I am still feeling rather groggy from a migraine that has lasted the better part of the last week- YUK!!  Will be very happy to be rid of that!!!
Come by Sunday to The Market at the Masonic Temple in Sandy Bay Road 10-3 for more details use the link on the side bar
Have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

my creative place today is made up of...

Hair ties - ready for upcoming markets

some more softies owls, dinosaurs & echidnas, they now needing some filling..

Indy's lap quilt that she has entered into the junior textiles competition at the upcoming Craft and Quilt fair to be held to the Derwent Entertainment Centre from 9th - 11th July!! Good luck Indy!!

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