Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy happy joy joy- a very sweet email from a customer.

I would like a pile of grannies like this to add to mine image from here

How nice to get such wonderful feedback from a customer an email I received a day ago- I think it was sent earlier but my ISP issues have slowed everything down - thank you Louise! 

Hi - Just wanted to send a brief email to say how much I love your work................. I have been along to a few markets recently and have purchased a few items from your stalls.........  I just love the fabrics you use and most of all your designs..... I look forward to seeing you at another market and will be busy saving my $ so I can buy some more goodies.....
I really wanted to say what a wonderful job you do !!!

my creative things for this fine thursday

having recovered from my previous post - the technician rescheduled himself for Monday- I have had a good day

now a quick spot of lunch then off to get kiddies drop one at soccer training then the other at footy training then off to get groceries pick them all up after I watch some training- otherwise will get into trouble!!- then home to cook dinner have eldest coming home for tea so then drop him back -  help with homework, home readers, uniforms and lunches for tomorrow- including me I have a full day of work starting at 7.50am- get everyone ready for bed -then off to bed for me :)

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one of those days......weeks.....months.....maybe years?

Sorry everyone but this is going to be a bit of a rant so if that's not your thing please skip right by and enjoy your day!! 
Some how waking up today I knew it was going to be a day of challenges...well the whole week has been really actually is it just me or does it seem there are just a lot more challenges around at the moment??
Now don't get me wrong I am a girl who LOVES challenges- actually I tend to get bored if I have none and start questioning myself that I must not be contributing enough to my life as it is all a little too easy.....sounds a bit silly hey I should instead be content that things are easy and happy?  Just me I guess ask anyone who knows me well and I think they'll agree I am a lady (well the might not agree with the lady part - heheh) who takes on a challenge even one that may seem impossible or too scary to the majority and mostly I manage to get through them quite successfully- but of late I am just finding it all a bit too hard- have I lost my challenge fighting edge?? Is my whole " I will Survive" spirit leaving me???
I hope not- I keep telling myself that if there are  a lot of full on challenges now then that MUST mean the really good stuff must not be too far away either- if I can just make it through this one, just get this bit finished.....
As I am typing this I must admit it does feel good to put things in text  I used to keep a diary as a kid- hmm but that ended badly and is a whole other story..
Any how I have a lot to get done- too much I would admit for one person to get done in a day if I was to stop and think about it- which i regularly don't as that would just be too much of a reality freak out!! A day at a time, a task at a time, sometimes even an hour or minute at a time if often heard coming out of my mouth..
I'm not crazy just crazy busy!!! AND I do know now that if/when I do push myself too far there are consequences that take a bit to recover from....But mostly I do love it all the crazy busyness and manage to be a pretty damn fine juggler of it all but every now and then a slippery one gets thrown in that is just too hard to keep hold of or keep up in the air for just long enough...I guess that's just life though isn't it? AND I do know that i am not alone in this crazy busy life as I have my sweet little family who understand mostly and I see and hear the same things going on for other mums and families- like I said a bit of a rant but must now suck it up and get one with it I have just heard telecommunications company service man is coming back- have had VERY limited internet access for the last few weeks even though all of our equipment has been replaced ($$) they have so lovingly agreed to come out and check their side of it.....girls got to love a good challenge ;)
Will be back later today with my creative place now I have got rid of all this junk from my head!! Thanks xxx

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

what women want @ Moorilla this Sunday a make a wish event

We will be at Moorilla this Sunday for this great event:

A retail experience for women!

What a fun day - help fundraise for the Make-A-Wish Foundation while enjoying a complimentary glass of wine, and the opportunity to check out market and retail stalls!

Feel comfortable and relaxed and enjoy a social afternoon with your friends in a retail environment.

This event will provide an outlet for women to explore, learn and purchase retail and service opportunities all in the one place!

Sounds great huh!?!

Entry: $35.00 each
Includes: complimentary drink on arrival (provided by Moorilla); high tea, lucky dip gift and flower (total value: $68).
250 pre-sold tickets (no door sales)contact moorilla  for ticket sales

sweet funny days....

my little lady gypsy top size 5- more colour ways to come

baby hoots getting ready for markets

what is keeping you busy?

Friday, April 23, 2010

my creative space this week includes....

more little lady hair bands 

also have been cleaning like a mad woman today- doesn't happen that often but I must say I do love my house when its all clean!!

What has everyone else been doing?

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my day today was....

today I went to work- it was work- then I came home via the school uniform shop, and the local thrift store looking for some vintage linen awesomeness- hmm didn't find any :( - so headed on home for a cuppa and some creating...

back to work tomorrow ;) what is everyone else doing?

Yah ......swap mail arrived!!!

a sweet little card and message with it!

Thanks so much to Sarah at splishsplashdesigns I love it!!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

so yep where was I? I was sewing...

More tunic dresses and tops
still playing with my gypsy top pattern a few alterations to make till I love it!!

Plenty busy day ahead tomorrow!!

Enjoy the week everyone

Thursday, April 15, 2010

my creative place today is...

vintage linen & more "toby tag blankies"

more blocks made up for long awaiting quilt top

 more winter tunics

for more creative goodies look over at Kristy's place here.

Have a great day tomorrow everyone- xo

another swap- aprons this time yah!!

I am joining in Sarah @ red ginghams apron swap!! why don't you check it out also- could be fun!!

hmm now what to make modern or vintage....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

new colour ways for little lady skirts

busy day- unusual for me hey- leave home by 7:15 work work work- come home- quick tidy up- vacuum, wash floors, clean down stairs bathroom, washing, folding, get all clothes ready for tomorrow, tea, lunches, quick nanna nap then whipped up overlocking on 24 of the new skirts now only have to top and bottom hem them then attach labels and press then ready for market- I know it sounds like Im carrying on about my accomplishments today but I am kinda proud of how much I got done and as other working mums- well just mums really- will agree I'm sure, when you have a good run you have to take a strong hold of it for as long or as little as it lasts as there is no guarantee when then next one will pop up!!

See- although busy have left a swirl of a mess in sewing room- ahh she'll be right!! that's what doors are for ;)

Back to work in the morning so better get these tired little hands to bed...
 Have a great day everyone!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

pin cushion swap goodies all ready to post!!

I love the feeling of something complete and ready to go- I just hope my recipient likes her parcel.....fingers crossed!!

This is part of Kate's awesome pin cushion swap -details-  my first ever blog swap- lots of fun to be a part of - a little nerve racking - I hope the person likes  my gift and I hope I get a lovely gift also- is that bad??

Any ho back to the "office" tomorrow- see what the day brings.

Enjoy the week everyone- say hi if you've stopped by- I like it when you do :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Market's First Birthday celebrations and Football games

Good times today- thanks to the girls at the market for making such a great day- thank you cards for us and mini cupcakes as well!!

Thanks to all the people who came to visit and thank you to all our customers today- we are so happy you still enjoy our goodies!!

Today was a day of killer cupcakes, thinking rooms, awesome ladders, and an event involving a waste paper basket..crazy day!! BUT so much fun!!!

Today was also a VERY special and important day for my little man Oskar- he had his first game in the Under 8's for North Hobart Junior Football Club- and they won against Lindisfarne well done boys!!!  I am very SAD :( I didn't get to go watch it but I will be there for as many games as I can!!! xo

Enjoy the week everyone- as for me I have tomorrow as a designated sleep in day....ahhh

Indy's pool party

Indy and her friends had such great fun at her pool party yesterday- and it wasn't too hard at all for us as parents- the staff were fantastic, the girls were so well behaved and civilized!!! 
Indy had LOTS of fun, Oskar even enjoyed himself, and the party bags went down a treat!!!

There was a tower of vanilla butter cupcakes with cream frosting, balloons, and lunch boxes of ham & cheese sandwiches, mini muffin, popcorn, green jelly and lollies!!!
It almost felt like an afternoon high tea.

Friday, April 9, 2010

They are taking over

Hi my name is : Roly Robot

My Favorite thing is : being a super hero

My favorite number is : 6

Look out for us at The Market this weekend....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My creative space = Indy's birthday treat bags

"Look at that party loot..."

I SO should be sewing and completing more of our new range of bespoke children's clothing and toys- I have decided to go back to my original inspiration of Vintage Children's clothing and toys using today's fabric awesomeness - however things just haven't worked out that way so this weekends market we will only be showcasing a small amount of new goodies and only in a few sizes- SO those who are early will literally be best dressed- (if they like my stuff and decide to buy some of course....I hope you do!!)

Indy's idea of attaching a thank you card to all her friends- so sweet- and check out the awesome tags from Nell @ thanks Nell!!

Any how this is some of what I have been doing instead- I did have A LOT of fun putting these together with my sweet little team here- (thanks Indy & Oskar -it truly helps take the pressure of deciding what children will like by taking my team of experts out shopping with me!! Thanks guys!!).

Each bag includes some silver nutmeg hair ties, a bag of sweets, some pearl balloons, a bunch of smiggle stationary, and a handmade note book.

Off to have some lunch now- hmm then the sewing machine?  I have "work" tomorrow followed by dentist arrrhhh!!!

For more creative spaces, pop over to Kristy's blog.
Enjoy the day!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How the time fly's right by when you are having fun

Can you all believe we are into April already- this year has just been crazy!!!

We have had an awesome weekend thanks mostly to auntie Tif's visit from Victoria- we had great party games, plenty of easter hunting and then easter egg eating - followed by visits to our parents property in the Huon Valley- the most amazingly beautiful spot- hills on one side and the river on the other- ahh love this place!!

Then we picked fruit from their trees and made the most tasty apple crumble EVER!!!!
Hope everyone has had as much fun as us!!! xo

Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to you- Happy Birthday dear Indy!!!! 9 today!! xx

Happy 9Th birthday sweet Indy- all my best wishes and hopes and dreams for a fantastic 9th year ahead!! xxooxxooxxoo

she is SO gorgeous even with bed hair!!

She loved my new range SO much she wanted one for her birthday!!!

Still a little girl at heart-  love her dearly!!

What an awesome lot of pressie's hey?!  She has Oskar to thank for picking all her fav things!!! xxoo

Any how we have lots of family stuff planned for next few days so probably will be missing from cyber land for a few days soaking it up!!! Send me an email if you need me.  Enjoy the holiday's people!!