Friday, May 28, 2010

my polka dot prizes arrived all the way from Yorkshire!!!

How excited was I - {and the two littlies} when we got home from grocery shopping to find the postie had been
Such goodies and so many!!

So many wonderful polka dot things-
  • a red with white spots make up bag
  • a wonderful little card with sweet message- looks like a cushion I made for home some time ago
  • some cute little wooden pegs with mushrooms on them- v cute
  • a pack of cath kidson sunflower seeds
  • some amazing vintage print postcards
  • some spotty tissues- very ladylike!!
  • the custest little owl- and you know how much I lOVE owls.
  • A minny mouse keyring
  • a pack of sweet tea's
  • and some red with whte spot cupcake linners

there was so much hope I haven't missed any? I feel very special to have received all these goodies all the way from the UK!!! Thanks so much Kitty!!!xx

Thursday, May 27, 2010

playing today with...

my creative place today included preparing my vintage sheet fat quarters for an upcoming swap- [see link on side bar for details].
also have been making more skirts, playing with my apron designs- trying to convert a "design" in my head into a physical......will let you know how that works out later :)

Also have joined the Global Corporate Challenge through work so making sure I get my 10,000 steps per day done and dusted...

What have you all been doing?
For creative inspiration look here....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

just about done- woohoo!!

Following on from the weekend I was very keen to get home from work last night - but just a little tired so I got busy this morning and I am very proud of myself as I have almost completed sorting my fabric small pieces for my new shelves- and I even put the 3rd one together myself - went together very quickly I must say.

now on with the sewing- I have quite a few new things I am working on and thinking about making over the next bit of time for markets coming up- see how it all works out...

what have you all been doing today?
Oh I must add- I JUST LOVE school holidays- get a little sleep in and get to just be home buddies for a few days!! ahhhh.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

on a cold weekend

It has been a cold weekend here in tassie- a good weekend for indoors though!!
We had soccer for Indy on Saturday and her team played so well.

Oskar's footy opponents forfeited due to players going on holidays.
The kids are now on school holidays for 3 weeks- I have to work on and off for most of it but am really looking forward to a couple of short breaks through out the 3 weeks!!

This weekend I started to re-arrange my new down stairs studio/workshop/- sewing room- the other names are just too fancy-  to me and the kids its just the sewing room!!

I have sorted through about 1/3 of my fabrics and have found I needed to purchase some more shelves to put the colour coded stacks on- now just need hubby to put them together for me!! :)

I started and completed about 7 of a new winter range of skirts for silver nutmeg's little lady range ready for upcoming markets.
Cooked- well watched cooking then ate an awesome roast dinner- even had my eldest home for that one.

Now back to work tomorrow - a busy week ahead- wish me luck,
a few more pics....and a sneak peak
enjoy the week everyone- xx 
say hi if you have stopped by ;)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I won I won I won- YAH!!!!!

I am sooooooo excited I have won a wonderful polka dot themed giveaway all the way from Yorkshire England!!
Thank you I cant wait to receive my lovely prize.

Take a moment to have a look at this wonderful blog

Yah yah yah !!!!

today I did this and thought about this...

I tried some crochet flower's from a pattern in my head- hmm think I may need to get a "real" pattern or a "real" teacher- rosie?

My skittles are all placed separately around the house one day when I have a spare 5 I need to do some rearranging around here- today i am cleaning - so another day perhaps- will put up pics if I find those evasive 5 minutes.

Just a reminder of how lucky I am- my husband cooked us all Crème Brulee
 again- yum!

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Sunday, May 16, 2010

day two- such a fun day!!

Hmm words to describe- well towards the end of two days we all kind of just mixed it up a bit and threw a bit of fun in as well!!! Thanks Rosie!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

handmade hobart all weekend!!

Off to market we go- both days 10am until 3pm- lots of regulars and lots of new artisans also and some wonderful live music as well- do stop by and say hello!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

our creative place this week- includes a preview of our new boys range YAH!!

For more creative delights look over here..

stall holder feature at handmade hobart blog - YAH!!!

I just found such a wonderfully generous description of silver nutmeg & a golden pear designs work on the handmade hobart blog- thanks SO much ladies - 
(I am busy making and creating for this weekend- yah cant wait- but I have stopped for some lunch!!)- 

Indy will be so thrilled when i show her after school!!- Yes she truly is Boss and will be there supervising my efforts on Sunday as she has previously booked herself out for Saturday??? 
I know the cheek- really she will be off playing soccer representing her school in the under 9's mixed side- good luck sacred heart gold!!!

Handmade Hobart is such a fabulous market and one of my favorites for sure!!
Be sure to pop by over the weekend; the talent and insanely awesome, unique, bespoke items that local creators are putting out on their tables for sale never ceases to amaze and inspire me!!!

This Saturday and Sunday 15th & 16Th both days 10am until 3pm- 
St Peter's Hall corner Harrington and Brisbane streets.  Do stop by and say hello!!

Some of the kind words from handmade hobart ladies:

"A favourite of ours here at handmadehobart is the work of Courtney (and her gorgeous 'boss' Indy) from Silver Nutmeg and a Golden Pear and we're really excited to have them back with us this weekend.

Combining quality fabrics (vintage and contemporary designer), with an amazing eye for colour and detail, these are kids clothes unlike any you'll see elsewhere.
They're bright, they're bold and above all they're practical (a real plus for mums) and fun (which is what the kids love).
Combine this with a wondeful collection of whimsical softies and some great accessories for ladies and we're sure that this is a stall you'll want to spend some time at.
Rumour has it that Silver Nutmeg is launching their new boys' winter range this weekend too."

And details on that boys range....well you may just have to come along on the weekend and check it out for yourself ;) or actually I think I will post some details up later today or tomorrow- see how I go for time- now back to the sewing machine!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

special order for a special person- happy birthday zac xo

He's ready now Ange- I hope you & Zac like him- will you be at school tomorrow?  Will bring him along in morning.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mothers day all mums everywhere- it's a tough gig at times xo

what a wonderful day I had- I was very spoilt with lovely pressies- including some handmade ones- yah!!

I had the most delicious brekkie cooked and served to me- had to be at the table I have just never really been able to do the brekkie in bed thing even when I am unwell- weird I know?
Then we went to footy and Oskar's team won a huge 84 to 42!!

Then home for lunch and a visit from my eldest yah!! AND I know it's really corny BUT I must say the best pressies all day were the HUGE hugs I got from my kiddies even my 17 year old!! Thanks so much guys!!

Then I got busy with all my helpers to assist- hehe a mum knows when she can ask that little bit extra of everyone- carting boxes down stairs to my new sewing room- pics to come is just tables and massive towers of plastic storage containers at the moment- BUT I am really looking forward to sorting my fabrics back out into colour stacks again.

Some more pics below- kids enjoying brekkie also- thanks to their dad!! xx
And Oskar's room upstairs again- half finished mixed bed sheets and all- a long story but we will just be glad to see him sleeping happily again- he had taken to camping out on the couches upstairs since his big brother has been gone from downstairs.

Ange- I think I will try again with this one so will get a "better" looking one made up in next day or 2 I promise!!!

What did everyone else do today?
Enjoy the week xoxo

Thursday, May 6, 2010

to be or not to be creative today

my place today- after enjoying watching the athletics at the domain today - I headed home for some lunch, warmth brrrr, and some pattern planning making etc- 

a dear friend of mine has asked if I can make a little owl for her adorable son who is turning 2 next week- so busy planning that one for her- it should be easy so will endeavor to complete it this wkd for delivery to her next Monday...

that's the plan any how- plus oskar has given me another blueprint for a softie he would like me to make and sell under silver nutmeg label...I would also love to have a few of these ready over the weekend....

what has everyone else been creating?  look here...