Sunday, May 23, 2010

on a cold weekend

It has been a cold weekend here in tassie- a good weekend for indoors though!!
We had soccer for Indy on Saturday and her team played so well.

Oskar's footy opponents forfeited due to players going on holidays.
The kids are now on school holidays for 3 weeks- I have to work on and off for most of it but am really looking forward to a couple of short breaks through out the 3 weeks!!

This weekend I started to re-arrange my new down stairs studio/workshop/- sewing room- the other names are just too fancy-  to me and the kids its just the sewing room!!

I have sorted through about 1/3 of my fabrics and have found I needed to purchase some more shelves to put the colour coded stacks on- now just need hubby to put them together for me!! :)

I started and completed about 7 of a new winter range of skirts for silver nutmeg's little lady range ready for upcoming markets.
Cooked- well watched cooking then ate an awesome roast dinner- even had my eldest home for that one.

Now back to work tomorrow - a busy week ahead- wish me luck,
a few more pics....and a sneak peak
enjoy the week everyone- xx 
say hi if you have stopped by ;)


  1. glad to see I inspired you! looks great. mine is still reasonably tidy too - miracle

  2. ahh yes you so did!!!!! Now i just want to get it completed though!!!!I have found so many fabrics I had forgotten about.
    wish I could stay home tomorrow to get it completed- sad I know.
    Well done for keeping it all sorted

  3. It is so odd to read of your cold weekend, when I am here in the UK having an indoor braek from the hottest weekend this year!
    Lovely makes!

  4. Oh wow do I have fabric envy or what?!

  5. Your studio looks wonderful, my mum always laughs when I refer to my messy sewing room as a studio...too grand! The new skirts look lovely!


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