Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy mothers day all mums everywhere- it's a tough gig at times xo

what a wonderful day I had- I was very spoilt with lovely pressies- including some handmade ones- yah!!

I had the most delicious brekkie cooked and served to me- had to be at the table I have just never really been able to do the brekkie in bed thing even when I am unwell- weird I know?
Then we went to footy and Oskar's team won a huge 84 to 42!!

Then home for lunch and a visit from my eldest yah!! AND I know it's really corny BUT I must say the best pressies all day were the HUGE hugs I got from my kiddies even my 17 year old!! Thanks so much guys!!

Then I got busy with all my helpers to assist- hehe a mum knows when she can ask that little bit extra of everyone- carting boxes down stairs to my new sewing room- pics to come is just tables and massive towers of plastic storage containers at the moment- BUT I am really looking forward to sorting my fabrics back out into colour stacks again.

Some more pics below- kids enjoying brekkie also- thanks to their dad!! xx
And Oskar's room upstairs again- half finished mixed bed sheets and all- a long story but we will just be glad to see him sleeping happily again- he had taken to camping out on the couches upstairs since his big brother has been gone from downstairs.

Ange- I think I will try again with this one so will get a "better" looking one made up in next day or 2 I promise!!!

What did everyone else do today?
Enjoy the week xoxo


  1. I understand the not eating bed thing..i don't do it either..i think its a crumb

  2. What a lovely day you had! And that sewing space sounds awesome...can't wait to see some piccies. Hope you have a wonderful week :)

  3. Oh I love him!! Don't be silly he is a perfect Hoot, Zak will love him...

    Yummo breaky, looks like you had a lovely mothers day and a visit from your big boy yay. x


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