Thursday, May 27, 2010

playing today with...

my creative place today included preparing my vintage sheet fat quarters for an upcoming swap- [see link on side bar for details].
also have been making more skirts, playing with my apron designs- trying to convert a "design" in my head into a physical......will let you know how that works out later :)

Also have joined the Global Corporate Challenge through work so making sure I get my 10,000 steps per day done and dusted...

What have you all been doing?
For creative inspiration look here....


  1. Good for you with the 10,000 steps!! Just running about the house will just about do it. Loving those vintage sheets. Hope I get some of yours :)

  2. wow all these things you have to do (and 10,000 steps to boot) I love that bird pillow - just too cute..

  3. very true Steph I was worried I would struggle to get them done but have found so far that just my usual day gets me pretty close if not over so that was a huge relief- but does that mean I have to aim for more??? please say no ha-ha!!
    Thanks Mira I have made a range of them for local markets but this one I just had to keep for home!!

  4. lovely! i've been sewing too!


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