Friday, May 28, 2010

my polka dot prizes arrived all the way from Yorkshire!!!

How excited was I - {and the two littlies} when we got home from grocery shopping to find the postie had been
Such goodies and so many!!

So many wonderful polka dot things-
  • a red with white spots make up bag
  • a wonderful little card with sweet message- looks like a cushion I made for home some time ago
  • some cute little wooden pegs with mushrooms on them- v cute
  • a pack of cath kidson sunflower seeds
  • some amazing vintage print postcards
  • some spotty tissues- very ladylike!!
  • the custest little owl- and you know how much I lOVE owls.
  • A minny mouse keyring
  • a pack of sweet tea's
  • and some red with whte spot cupcake linners

there was so much hope I haven't missed any? I feel very special to have received all these goodies all the way from the UK!!! Thanks so much Kitty!!!xx


  1. Im so glad they arrived all the way 'down under' in one piece!
    Im so glad you like them all too, I didn't know you were such an owl fan so thats a bonus! Im an owl lover tooooowoooo! (sorry for the cheesy pun!) hehe!

  2. i love any kind of snail mail ... and yours is delightful.

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