Tuesday, May 25, 2010

just about done- woohoo!!

Following on from the weekend I was very keen to get home from work last night - but just a little tired so I got busy this morning and I am very proud of myself as I have almost completed sorting my fabric small pieces for my new shelves- and I even put the 3rd one together myself - went together very quickly I must say.

now on with the sewing- I have quite a few new things I am working on and thinking about making over the next bit of time for markets coming up- see how it all works out...

what have you all been doing today?
Oh I must add- I JUST LOVE school holidays- get a little sleep in and get to just be home buddies for a few days!! ahhhh.


  1. Oh Courtney, your new space looks fabulous. I wish I had a spare room to set up in. Never mind, it will have to wait. Love all your fabrics too. See you soon. xo

  2. Ahhhh - if only I had that space !
    Yeh - then my 1 year old would climb the shelves, my 4 year old would pull out her favourite fabrics and cut into "badges" and my 6 year old would re-allocate my colour wheel.
    Honest I'm not jealous at all :(

  3. Thank ladies- I must admit it has taken me over 10 years and a HUGE renovation to get my own room- one that is not yet complete, (reno) and sometimes feels like it never will be- notice my blue stripes on the wall behind- this was oskar's room but he has now moved upstairs to where my set up sewing room was- but i think i like my new space much better and I have given up mountain views for a full view of my garden, which kind of looks like a jungle at the moment...but is very nice to watch and very easy to daydream into...xx

  4. Oh how I covet your fabric collection!! Good on you for finally having your own special space..you deserve it! Enjoy!!! :)

  5. Ooh, it all looks lovely. Look at all that fabric!! :)

  6. I wouldn't even care what the room looked like...a room just for me would be heaven - lucky you!! School holidays are great for easy mornings...let me know if you get a spare day and we should meet and so something.

  7. your fabric stash is amazing ... and i love the way it's displayed. so useful, but also so nice for running your eyes and hands lovingly over it. i can't wait for the sheet swap in july, and to see everybody's stuff.


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