Monday, November 29, 2010

I really do ♥ sewing and playing with pretty fabrics.

{all images from Domayne see link below}

I got a cool white Moose also- love it!!

Another item I bought from Domayne in Melbourne- I do love lots of the cool stuff this shop has!!

Today was a production line at the overlocker followed by the ironing station- next step is they sewing machine then elastic threading and hand sewing of button eye- phew..

Skirts just after having their appliques heat secured ready to be individually machine stitched

Lot of strips all ironed ready to be attached 

 Some finished products ready for the mail man!!

Over the next few days I need to complete these skirts, make more slip dresses, finish a baby quilt, complete more hair sets, make more bibs, and get ready for a double whammy market weekend!!

~ C xo

Friday, November 26, 2010

I ♥ melbourne and all things cute & paper related

We are back home from such a wonderful trip to Melbourne, firstly for Mathilda's market which was awesome!!

Then we had some free time to enjoy a nice family holiday and a bit of shopping!!

We did some of the touristy things for the kids, aquarium- Indy & Oskar love going here and Oskar is studying ocean creatures at school at the moment so it was great for his research on his little project on hermit crabs!!

We went up Eureka tower and out on the Edge!! Heaps of fun.
We travelled over on Spirit of Tas I and came back on Spirit of Tas II
Lots of time walking through the majestic city of Melbourne
A few visits to shopping centers and shopping towns

Spent time hanging out in the sunshine in great parks and cool little cafe's.
All in all we had a ball!!!!

Some of my items I sought out and bought:

And my Union Jack blowing in the breeze into my room where I had a quick nanna nap!!

Oh and we will be heading down to Salamanca tomorrow too so do pop by and say hello if you are out & about 

~ C xo

Monday, November 22, 2010

Mathilda's Market @ Caulfield was SO much fun!!- Thank you everyone xo

Thank you to everyone involved in Mathilda's Market on Sunday- to Anne for her wonderful organising and friendly help through out the day, to all my helpers with set up, sales and pack up!
To all our wonderful busy shoppers who came along to help support handmade goodness!!

To everyone who placed orders I will be back home to my sewing studio on Friday and will start producing orders over the weekend and following week!

Now for some family fun times in Melbourne city and surrounds!!

~ C xo

Saturday, November 20, 2010

We ♥ Mathilda's @ Caulfield RacecourseTomorrow!!!

We are all packed and ready to head to Caulfield Racecourse tomorrow for the BIGGEST MATHILDA'S market ever-  a huge Christmas shopping event with over 120 stall holders!! YAH!!

We have a great range of stock with us and will be taking orders for pre Christmas delivery.


 ~ all orders placed and paid for tomorrow at the market will receive FREE POSTAGE and go in the chance to win a surprise christmas gift pack!!

Market Details:

Please come and visit our stall at Mathilda's Market at the Caulfield
Racecourse, Station Street, Caulfield. 

THIS Sunday 21st November, from 9am to 1pm. 
Entry is $2 and parking is free. 
With over 120 stall holders is it
undoubtedly Melbourne's finest shopping destination for our littlies. 

For a sneak preview of what's in store, head to
<>, or check
out their blog at  <> 
We really hope to see you there! 

~ Courtney xo

Monday, November 15, 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010

Little lady slip dresses & more skirts.

We'll be @ Salamanca tomorrow - do stop by and say hello!!

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

~ C xo

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I ♥ sewing - more little sweet bird and hoot skirts.

Check these groovy people out...

I ♥ mathildas market & they are having a giveaway!!

Christmas Shopping for your littlies has arrived! Visit the biggest ever Mathilda’s Market on Sunday 21st November!
·         Over 100 stalls filled with amazing bay & kids wares offering the funkiest and most gorgeous of outfits for the kids, chic bedroom decorations and furnishings, bright and brilliant toys, must-have accessories, pretty and practical bags and shoes, dreamy vintage-inspired creations, musical instruments and jewellery, fabulous dress-up costumes, striking linen ... and so much more!  We carefully handpick our stall holders to bring you divine and original clothing, accessories, homewares and toys for the little ones. Our exquisite wares are lovingly designed by some of Australia's most talented crafters and designers, many of them parents themselves.
·         Mathilda’s Market is giving away 3 x $100 cash to spend on the day (yes plain cash to spend- yeah!). To win please visit and email us who your favourite retailer is ( ) . Competition ends Sunday 14th November!
·         When & where: Caulfield Racecourse, Station Street, Caulfield. Plenty of free parking (all day) along Station St, or in the Maple Car Park on Station Street (Gate 2). 9am to 1pm. $2 entry fee for this market. PS – air-conditioned too!

Woo hoo get your entries into Anne @ Mathilda's everyone- what a blast!!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ghastly headaches and craftiness creating

The most horrid migraine hit me yesterday morning and proceeded to devour me for the whole day and night even in the induced sleep I had {thanks to medication} I dreamt about how much my head was hurting.  

So this morning when the birds started chirping and the sun shone through the bedroom windows, normally something I LOVE waking up to,  all I wanted to do was curl into a ball and stay in bed, (above), and maybe later on  look at pretty pictures, (below),  no reading of words due to inability to focus on small things.

But the littlies and the husband required  some help getting ready for school, finding the sports uniform, even though it was where it is always kept once washed and ironed under the stairs in the closet, making lunches and helping find some fruit to take for morning tea fruit break, even though it was sitting in the fridge ready to go, and the brushing and plating of little Indy's hair even though she is quite capable of making it look gorgeous all on her own, and the helping with keeping the early morning routine running smoothly rather than every one ending up treading on each others toes and being grumpy with each other which often is the result if someone, (mum), isn't there carefully guiding it all along......

So I took more medication and stayed up and started working through a pile of little person onesies and singlets that need completing before we head to Melbourne next week- next week aarrgghh!!!

There was also some button production completed- small sitting down tasks that didn't take much of a thought process worked well today!
Now just to manage this migraine away......once mine have broken through they tend to hang about for a while not at all what one wants!!!
Anyhow I am back at "work" tomorrow so please callers be kind to me and everyone else enjoy your day!!

~ C xo