Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ghastly headaches and craftiness creating

The most horrid migraine hit me yesterday morning and proceeded to devour me for the whole day and night even in the induced sleep I had {thanks to medication} I dreamt about how much my head was hurting.  

So this morning when the birds started chirping and the sun shone through the bedroom windows, normally something I LOVE waking up to,  all I wanted to do was curl into a ball and stay in bed, (above), and maybe later on  look at pretty pictures, (below),  no reading of words due to inability to focus on small things.

But the littlies and the husband required  some help getting ready for school, finding the sports uniform, even though it was where it is always kept once washed and ironed under the stairs in the closet, making lunches and helping find some fruit to take for morning tea fruit break, even though it was sitting in the fridge ready to go, and the brushing and plating of little Indy's hair even though she is quite capable of making it look gorgeous all on her own, and the helping with keeping the early morning routine running smoothly rather than every one ending up treading on each others toes and being grumpy with each other which often is the result if someone, (mum), isn't there carefully guiding it all along......

So I took more medication and stayed up and started working through a pile of little person onesies and singlets that need completing before we head to Melbourne next week- next week aarrgghh!!!

There was also some button production completed- small sitting down tasks that didn't take much of a thought process worked well today!
Now just to manage this migraine away......once mine have broken through they tend to hang about for a while not at all what one wants!!!
Anyhow I am back at "work" tomorrow so please callers be kind to me and everyone else enjoy your day!!

~ C xo


  1. So sorry to hear you've been struck down by another migraine, I hope it lifts soon. Love all the onesies, singlets & buttons though - you've been busy! I've been sewing lots of applique tees myself today. Hope the rest of your week improves. xo

  2. Oh, you poor darling, Courtney! Migraines are the worst. I can't believe you managed to sew through it. It looks like we share a taste in French style - I have that book too. I hope tomorrow is so much better for you. J x

  3. Must sux to get those darn migranes argh! But was a cool bed to cosy up in, love your cover :) x those onsies are too cute!!


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