Friday, November 26, 2010

I ♥ melbourne and all things cute & paper related

We are back home from such a wonderful trip to Melbourne, firstly for Mathilda's market which was awesome!!

Then we had some free time to enjoy a nice family holiday and a bit of shopping!!

We did some of the touristy things for the kids, aquarium- Indy & Oskar love going here and Oskar is studying ocean creatures at school at the moment so it was great for his research on his little project on hermit crabs!!

We went up Eureka tower and out on the Edge!! Heaps of fun.
We travelled over on Spirit of Tas I and came back on Spirit of Tas II
Lots of time walking through the majestic city of Melbourne
A few visits to shopping centers and shopping towns

Spent time hanging out in the sunshine in great parks and cool little cafe's.
All in all we had a ball!!!!

Some of my items I sought out and bought:

And my Union Jack blowing in the breeze into my room where I had a quick nanna nap!!

Oh and we will be heading down to Salamanca tomorrow too so do pop by and say hello if you are out & about 

~ C xo


  1. What a lovely bunch of goodies you came home with Courtney. Glad to hear you had a great time away. xo

  2. Ooh, squeal! Courtney, you've found the best stuff. Hey, is Typo in the Cotton On shop here? Or have we been overlooked? I'll contact you shortly about that dress for Miss India. J x

  3. I loooove the printed ribbon! I had a google and couldnt find 'Typo' you happen to know if they have an online store? Thanks in advance! :)

    - Krystal xo

  4. Ah, I just love all of this stuff. I am going mental for all things papery and muted right now. Thanks for sharing all your new lovelies!! x

  5. Sooo many nice buys - very jealous :-)


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