Friday, November 5, 2010

Little production house

More little lady skirts a what a  hoot range- @ salamanca tomorrow.

My mum lent me her  wizz bang over-locker- fully computerized with about 20 extra feet?? It took me the best part of the morning last week  to learn how to operate it- well probably a good few moments of too scared to touch maybe??-  but alas I bit the bullet and set to town and this machine is AMAZING!! I think there will be tears when I have to return it when my new one arrives in store :(

Thanks Mum for letting me borrow this to get on with my orders in the mean time !!

Indy has started making some really cool little softies- I was supposed to finish some for tomorrow but time got away from me so ready for next week I promise sweet!! 

Oh I had better mention also Oskar scored his first goal at futsal tonight- well done little man!!

So we are at salamanca bright and early do pop by and say hello if you are about 

~ C xo

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