Monday, November 1, 2010

♥ friends and markets and sweet birdies xx

Yah to another fun and packed full of busy days weekend!!

Salamanca was a blast - lots of people and so many nice chats with some really cool people from lots of different places!!

Still lots of Christmas shopping going on- I have lots of fun christmas "stuff" I am working on and will hopefully have ready for the next few markets we are at.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by and for helping support our little business- it really is nice to meet lots of the little ladies who will be venturing out in little lady sweet birdie skirts in the near future!!  

A huge thanks to my 2 helpers for the days - I dont think I would have made it through without you guys!!

And thank you to the weather gods for holding off on the wind and rain till right smack on 

3 pm!!

The rest of the weekend was pretty much filled up with basket ball and nanna naps!!  Indy had a basket ball tournament on at Kingston sports centre with 3 games on saturday the last one at 7 pm!!

And the first one Sunday at 10am!!  

So even though today was supposed to be a day of busy busy sewing - instead I went supply shopping- that bit HAD to be done- and op-shopping and really just playing around not a lot of sewing .... hmm means Thursday Friday will be FLAT OUT!!!

 I did help my eldest get his resume up to scratch for an interview tomorrow- really exciting stuff - I so hope it all goes well for him such an amazing opportunity!!!

Any how I have work for the next two days so please post lots of cool inspiring stuff for me to check out- hehe

~ C xo

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