Thursday, April 29, 2010

one of those days......weeks.....months.....maybe years?

Sorry everyone but this is going to be a bit of a rant so if that's not your thing please skip right by and enjoy your day!! 
Some how waking up today I knew it was going to be a day of challenges...well the whole week has been really actually is it just me or does it seem there are just a lot more challenges around at the moment??
Now don't get me wrong I am a girl who LOVES challenges- actually I tend to get bored if I have none and start questioning myself that I must not be contributing enough to my life as it is all a little too easy.....sounds a bit silly hey I should instead be content that things are easy and happy?  Just me I guess ask anyone who knows me well and I think they'll agree I am a lady (well the might not agree with the lady part - heheh) who takes on a challenge even one that may seem impossible or too scary to the majority and mostly I manage to get through them quite successfully- but of late I am just finding it all a bit too hard- have I lost my challenge fighting edge?? Is my whole " I will Survive" spirit leaving me???
I hope not- I keep telling myself that if there are  a lot of full on challenges now then that MUST mean the really good stuff must not be too far away either- if I can just make it through this one, just get this bit finished.....
As I am typing this I must admit it does feel good to put things in text  I used to keep a diary as a kid- hmm but that ended badly and is a whole other story..
Any how I have a lot to get done- too much I would admit for one person to get done in a day if I was to stop and think about it- which i regularly don't as that would just be too much of a reality freak out!! A day at a time, a task at a time, sometimes even an hour or minute at a time if often heard coming out of my mouth..
I'm not crazy just crazy busy!!! AND I do know now that if/when I do push myself too far there are consequences that take a bit to recover from....But mostly I do love it all the crazy busyness and manage to be a pretty damn fine juggler of it all but every now and then a slippery one gets thrown in that is just too hard to keep hold of or keep up in the air for just long enough...I guess that's just life though isn't it? AND I do know that i am not alone in this crazy busy life as I have my sweet little family who understand mostly and I see and hear the same things going on for other mums and families- like I said a bit of a rant but must now suck it up and get one with it I have just heard telecommunications company service man is coming back- have had VERY limited internet access for the last few weeks even though all of our equipment has been replaced ($$) they have so lovingly agreed to come out and check their side of it.....girls got to love a good challenge ;)
Will be back later today with my creative place now I have got rid of all this junk from my head!! Thanks xxx


  1. Oh Silver... sit down, take a deep breath, count to 7 - then exhale xxx

  2. Hi Courtney, Hope your day/week picks up. Sometimes you do need to take a step back and take a break, as hard as it can be when you have so much to do. Take care. xo

  3. thanks ladies- really its not that bad just crazy busy although I wouldn't say no to a sun drenched holiday right now.....

  4. Yep...a holiday sounds mighty fine right about now!!

    It really does sux when things aren't running quite as smoothly as we would like and even more so when things pop up we have no control over. I think it's great sometimes to put it out there and give it some time and thought... then see things slowly get better and ease back into happy space :) xxx


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