Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy happy joy joy- a very sweet email from a customer.

I would like a pile of grannies like this to add to mine image from here

How nice to get such wonderful feedback from a customer an email I received a day ago- I think it was sent earlier but my ISP issues have slowed everything down - thank you Louise! 

Hi - Just wanted to send a brief email to say how much I love your work................. I have been along to a few markets recently and have purchased a few items from your stalls.........  I just love the fabrics you use and most of all your designs..... I look forward to seeing you at another market and will be busy saving my $ so I can buy some more goodies.....
I really wanted to say what a wonderful job you do !!!


  1. Wow! What great grannies and feedback....well deserved! I want those squares!

  2. What a lovely email. It's so nice to know that people love your items & appreciate your hard work. It makes it all worthwhile. Well done!

  3. I know me too!- Was so sweet to read it and you are right Sonia it does make all the hard work worthwhile!! Thanks again Louise!!
    Rosie I am thinking the only way I am going to get a pile like that is to make em myself- little red hen style- such hard work!!

  4. how sweet to recieve such lovely feedback...enjoy it!


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