Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Birthday to you- Happy Birthday dear Indy!!!! 9 today!! xx

Happy 9Th birthday sweet Indy- all my best wishes and hopes and dreams for a fantastic 9th year ahead!! xxooxxooxxoo

she is SO gorgeous even with bed hair!!

She loved my new range SO much she wanted one for her birthday!!!

Still a little girl at heart-  love her dearly!!

What an awesome lot of pressie's hey?!  She has Oskar to thank for picking all her fav things!!! xxoo

Any how we have lots of family stuff planned for next few days so probably will be missing from cyber land for a few days soaking it up!!! Send me an email if you need me.  Enjoy the holiday's people!!


  1. Happy Birthday Indy! Looks like you got some lovely pressies. I hope the easter bunny comes too. Have a great easter break to you & the family. Catch up soon Courtney. xo

  2. hey courtney - I will have to get Ava to come along to the next market we are at together (she is 7.5 years) Ava LOVES gogo pets - so they could hang out xx

  3. Hey Kate, sounds like a plan for sure Indy loves when there are market buddies closer to her age there!!! xo

  4. Avas ALWAYS keen to attend - and I always try to keep her away ( oh that sounds awful..but you know she gets excited, then gets bored..)
    so definatley tee it up for next market we are @ together...when is that??

    Love love your new stuff...CLEVER GIRL xxx


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