Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Market's First Birthday celebrations and Football games

Good times today- thanks to the girls at the market for making such a great day- thank you cards for us and mini cupcakes as well!!

Thanks to all the people who came to visit and thank you to all our customers today- we are so happy you still enjoy our goodies!!

Today was a day of killer cupcakes, thinking rooms, awesome ladders, and an event involving a waste paper basket..crazy day!! BUT so much fun!!!

Today was also a VERY special and important day for my little man Oskar- he had his first game in the Under 8's for North Hobart Junior Football Club- and they won against Lindisfarne well done boys!!!  I am very SAD :( I didn't get to go watch it but I will be there for as many games as I can!!! xo

Enjoy the week everyone- as for me I have tomorrow as a designated sleep in day....ahhh


  1. LOVe my earrings and your new cards are very cool!!
    Glad Oskar enjoyed his first game!! do you make all those cute buttons by hand? 'cause I made some last week and they are fairly time consuming hey?! Let me know when you're free to catch up for a coffee or even on a w/e with the kiddies :)

  2. Sounds like you had a great day Courtney. Hope you have a nice sleep in tomorrow.


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