Thursday, April 8, 2010

My creative space = Indy's birthday treat bags

"Look at that party loot..."

I SO should be sewing and completing more of our new range of bespoke children's clothing and toys- I have decided to go back to my original inspiration of Vintage Children's clothing and toys using today's fabric awesomeness - however things just haven't worked out that way so this weekends market we will only be showcasing a small amount of new goodies and only in a few sizes- SO those who are early will literally be best dressed- (if they like my stuff and decide to buy some of course....I hope you do!!)

Indy's idea of attaching a thank you card to all her friends- so sweet- and check out the awesome tags from Nell @ thanks Nell!!

Any how this is some of what I have been doing instead- I did have A LOT of fun putting these together with my sweet little team here- (thanks Indy & Oskar -it truly helps take the pressure of deciding what children will like by taking my team of experts out shopping with me!! Thanks guys!!).

Each bag includes some silver nutmeg hair ties, a bag of sweets, some pearl balloons, a bunch of smiggle stationary, and a handmade note book.

Off to have some lunch now- hmm then the sewing machine?  I have "work" tomorrow followed by dentist arrrhhh!!!

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Enjoy the day!!


  1. The birthday guests are sure to love those!

  2. Thanks- I hope they will Indy seems pretty happy with one for her and Oskar also has plans on one for him but with blue coloring of course!!!

  3. They look lovely Courtney - every kid loves Smiggle! They are sure to love your hair ties too. What a lovely way to use Narelle's tags. Hope all goes well at the dentist tomorrow. May get to the market on Sat, hope it is another great day.

  4. Great loot bags and I love the little thank you note on each one!

  5. It really is all about the loot bag isn't it. I'm sure these will go down a treat.

  6. Way cool party bags!!
    Happy Birthday Indy
    Love from the Carmichaels. xx


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