Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my day today was....

today I went to work- it was work- then I came home via the school uniform shop, and the local thrift store looking for some vintage linen awesomeness- hmm didn't find any :( - so headed on home for a cuppa and some creating...

back to work tomorrow ;) what is everyone else doing?


  1. Hi silver .. I'm sitting outside waiting for my sticky date pudding to bake. Kids in the shower ( matts with them don't worry!) I had my one day off today :) finished some orders and played with my little man Bill. The oven Is going beep beep... Mmmm toffee sauce bubbling away... I'm ready to go and put on a few kgs ... X

  2. I'm making Babushkas and watching the first season of Bones :D

    Have you received your pin cushion yet?


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