Monday, April 12, 2010

pin cushion swap goodies all ready to post!!

I love the feeling of something complete and ready to go- I just hope my recipient likes her parcel.....fingers crossed!!

This is part of Kate's awesome pin cushion swap -details-  my first ever blog swap- lots of fun to be a part of - a little nerve racking - I hope the person likes  my gift and I hope I get a lovely gift also- is that bad??

Any ho back to the "office" tomorrow- see what the day brings.

Enjoy the week everyone- say hi if you've stopped by- I like it when you do :)


  1. These are lovely! It was my first time for a swap as well. My swap partner has received the pin cushion I made but I haven't received anything yet. I kinda hope I might get something too!

  2. Thanks lovelies- is nice to have visitors!! Im going to go sticky and see what other people are getting!!

  3. Ooooh the swap closed yesterday :( - I'll follow her blog and wait for the next one

  4. Hi, Thank you for the great Pin Cushions. I received them today. You were very sweet to send me so many. I love them all. Hugs Leah x


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