Wednesday, March 31, 2010

busy days

days of sewing and altering patterns and testing sizes and more sewing...

new range is developing well:
  • tunics galore,
  • little lads pants
  • little lady gypsy tops
  • little lady slip dresses
  • little people singlets and rompers
  • new toy softie designs
  • new range of bags and totes
  • Goodie Bags - my creation of bags of goodies for inquisitive children - with a forever changing range of exciting goodies within...
  • more patterns and designs in creation- I like to "design" and create my own items when I can however if I do work from a pattern I will either seek the creators permission before creating to sell from their pattern OR I use their pattern ONLY as inspiration and make alterations enough to be creating a whole new pattern and ensuring that it is no longer an exact replica-  as I know how much work and effort goes into designing and creating patterns.
I believe we are lucky with  the vast range of creators with in our state  allows for individuality and unique creations  as everyone works to keep original and creative- we all have our own styles and colour preferences and even though we may come across the same type of garment or item creativity flows with every one making their own ideas and designs.

We are all busy people and I can appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into creating and designing whilst trying to stay original - esp for us working mums and working creators who do this whole thing secondary to other busyness of their lives!!

I have spent many years as a creator and designer and had an early introduction into the whole market scene over 10 years ago when my sister  and I spent 6 years traveling to the markets selling everything from children's clothing, toys and accessories to handcrafted jewelry, soft textiles and furnishings, and handcrafted furniture as well as fresh produce and sweets and treats.

I LOVE the atmosphere provided by the buzz at market day and enjoy the thrill of other people liking and buying your goods!!  

However, I don't like the politics that can exist between market stall holders and do find this side a challenge- for me its about creating what I love, what my children love, what my customers love and custom creations for that someone special!!  So that's what I will continue to do - just make and create - I have never truly been in it all for the $ but as I said for the love of creating.

Any how this is something that has been on my mind for a while now and just wanted "get it of my chest now" to create more space in my forever busy mind!! I hope everyone reads this just as my take on the scene and no intentional mention to offend anyone or any creations.

Enjoy the busy ness of life everyone!!


  1. well said love! saw that ones blog today and thought of you x x

  2. Hi Katie, nah just some life stuff with family and work and dr's appts etc.

  3. yeah politics hey!!
    I say do what you love and don't let anyone else drag you down - you rock, I seriously don't know how you do it!!

  4. Thanks Ange!!! Love it and you guys!! With friends like you how can one go wrong!!! Happy Easter to you and your sweet family!! xo

  5. Well said. Your creations are truly inspiring. I am really looking forward to seeing all your new things. Will you have big people's tunic tops?


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