Thursday, March 25, 2010

craaazzzy busssyyy.....

nah just cruising really - tongue in cheek- what a hectic week- 

  • 3 full days at "work"
  • kids busy with school stuff 
  • and after school stuff-
  • an emergency dentist trip or me- followed by more xray's and
follow up appointments required- I'll deal with that bit next week- 
  • making stuff for markets - this is the bit I love!!!
  • organizing Indy's birthday- 
  • dealing with being unhappy from some terrible customer 
service we received from a local business - :(
  • and have had a migraine for a day or two also.
......bring on the easter break- also the bit I LOVE hanging
with kids and family and sister is coming down from Melbourne!!!!!

Hope everyone is having a ball!!!

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