Monday, March 29, 2010

Eastside Makers Market

We did it- Indy & I knocked over 2 markets in 1 weekend and had a ball whilst doing so- we met some wonderful people buying- thank you every one!! 

Caught up with and met some amazing and very talented designers and creators!!! You guys are ace!!

And had 1 or 2 tired moments but all in all we had an awesome time over the weekend.  YAH!!!
I think my only suggestion to the Eastside ladies is I would prefer to finish a little earlier than 4 pm and by the end of the day the hall did get a little hot- but this was quickly fixed by opening up the back door which allowed a small breeze to come through.  

Anyone considering being a part of this market I would recommend it - there was a really nice creators vibe there and it was nice to  get back to a true "makers" market where most designers had created and made their goods from scratch- sort of old school style- it was nice.

Our site

we had a steady stream of customer's for most of the day- I was a bit surprised at how many people that came through- well done to Suzi and the organisers for creating such a great day.

Suzi's great items - I just loved her display of vintage items.

 Little Black Crows site- LOVE it all!!! So talented.


  1. So glad to hear you had a good day & survived your busy weekend - well done to you & Indy!

  2. Thanks Sonia it was a challenge!! But a great weekend- hope you enjoyed yours as well.

  3. There was a nice crafty vibe to the Market, it was good! Your little helper is awesome, she gave me care advice on my bag that I managed to get dirty...can't wait till I can train Bridget to help a little more rather than just spend my profits!

  4. Ha!! She is so very keen to be a part of it all- plus it does give us "girls" some time away from the boys in our house hehe. I am glad she could help you- she had a ball with Bridget as much as she loves being a grown up at the market selling goods- I think having other kids there she can run around with helps also.I LOVE LOVE my zipper purse so VERY much!!! Carried it everywhere today like a little girl haha.


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