Saturday, March 27, 2010

WOW what a day!!! @ Mathilda's Market

After such a full on week we made it to Mathilda's and got set up- with only a couple of hiccups like accidently setting up at table no. 17 instead of 18 - receiving a parking ticket issued by the TAS police whilst unloading- Mathilda's organisers have assured me they are looking into this for me as part of our set up instructions were to unload cars then move them to parking which I did-  apparently there were a few others who they got as well...will keep you posted how this works out...

Then it was 9am and in our wonderful shoppers came all buzzing and excited to buy!!!
I had indy with me again- thank goodness as she was so very helpful- as always- and I really really appreciated her help today after my horrible week!!

We had such an awesome time- the venue was great- the organisers are just wonderful and I have to thank them for all of the effort and time they must have put in to making today such a success, and so many  lovely talented stall holders there- AND we had an amazing day sales wise- we sold out - yep sold out of several items!!!!!!! Even though I had taken extra to what I thought I would need- this really was my kind of market- start them early busy busy busy and then finish up early!!!!! 

 I can not wait to attend another Mathilda's market- if only they had one every weekend then I could retire from my "real" job!!

This table side was almost bare by 1pm and I only had empty bags and containers left under the table!!!
No more Owls left, (I have one at home I can take with me tomorrow) rabbits all gone, only one Miss Dolly, almost half the skirts I took with me gone, a heap of bags all off to new homes, sold out of several types of my funky fabric earrings,  a  plastic storage container box of hair band noodle boxes all sold- these were such a hit - I will keep up this packaging for sure I just love it & I had such a positive response from both customers and other stall holders on these I think i will make it part of my overall design style and theme !! Singlets only about 6 left, Goodie bags- ALL GONE!!!!- these have also been a great hit and I think I will work to continue developing the concept of these and have them part of my signature brand.

Awesome face painter on site kept little kiddies happy!!

I have a lot of work ahead of me to replenish my stock- but  I wouldn't want it any other way it is so nice to know that people like my stuff!! That is the best bit for me!!
 I think it is important that I continue to keep things fresh and keep introducing new "stuff" from my design folders at home this helps keep Silver Nutmeg growing and keeps me inspired to continue on as well!

Thank you hugely to every customer I have had both today and at the markets this year I think my business concept of trial-ling markets for 2010 and seeing how they go is really a direction I am happy to continue with and that is really due to the split of wonderful customers and such a great group of hobart designers and creators who do share the journey with you!!!

Any how I must be really tired as that was all warm and fuzzy hey!! Now off for a rest and then packing it all up to go again tomorrow at the inaugural EASTSIDE MAKERS MARKET!!!!!

Come and check it out with me at Clarence Police Citizens & Youth Club in Scott Street Bellerive from 10 - 4pm not too sure what state I'll be in come 3ish but please do stop by and say hello!!!

Now Im in trouble for not resting....see you all tomorrow


  1. Wow Courtney, you definitely had a very successful day. So did I, did a final tally of sales & couldn't believe it. Now I am absolutely exhausted but it was lots of fun. Catch up tomorrow at Eastside Makers Market :)

  2. hehe, looky who I found!! Love your stuff Court...glad it all went well. x

  3. Thanks ange!!! It was a blast bit tired out now though!!! You guys off to footy tomorrow? Catch up soon

  4. Thank you Sonia- it was a wonderful day wasnt it!!!

  5. The boys will head to the footy, then Locke has a party. Think we'll stay home and get organised for Easter.

  6. What a fun market it was, shame about the ticket but I guess the takings might lessen the sting on that one.

    Unfortunately I didn't really get a chance to check out everyone else's stalls, but my sister said yours was great!

    Hope you have a good day today as well.

  7. I am loving my little red and white polka dot earrings! They were EXACTLY what I was looking for today :) Congrats on your success yesterday. You have the best helper ever!

  8. Thanks Little Snoring- it was a little like that wasn't it- I wish I had more of a chance to visit other stall holders!! Yes Sunday was a good day thanks but felt a little long- probably due to being so tired!!

    Thanks Bee the Comics Widow- I am glad they were what you wanted! I am lucky to have such a great helper I agree- enjoy the week everyone xo


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