Tuesday, March 2, 2010

full moon tonight

pic outside lounge window with low light conditions and camera set on auto mode....looks like a face with blurred moon and lights.

really I should be cleaning messy house.....

nah....that can wait till another day...

busy busy busy- I have finally found my creative spirit and whipped up some more cute stuff for upcoming markets.....
*a mix of hair bands and clips,
*more goody bags, 
*more skirts with a more autumn theme,
*more autumn inspired bags, 
*more softies patterns, 
*more zipper allsorts purses
*some more cushions for shops
with plenty more to do- so I'll get back to it and pop some pics up in the next day or two
plus helping oldest kiddie wink with his grand plans, organising swimming lessons for youngest two, planning a party for my beautiful daughter, completing tax office work, starting setting up an online store, continuing my day job, managing kiddies solo for a few nights a week as hubby contracting on ships, organising a camping trip this weekend, catching up with family for a nice over due get together, sorting out studio- again, Im struggling to stay tidy!!, heading to the gym, trying to find some "me"time.{not likely at this stage of busy- if anyone knows of an awesome yoga or pilates teacher in hobart pls let me know]........no wonder I am SOOOOO tired!!!! 
happy crafting everyone


  1. Wow you have been busy, now I feel slack! Looking forward to seeing your new creations. Life is always busy isn't it, the trick is to find a balance - and the mess will still be there tomorrow.

  2. Good Pilates - you want the Bodimind centre in North Hobart, I have been following Arwen (the instructor) from place to place for 6 years.

  3. Thanks gals!! Will check out the pilates for sure- do you know her surname? I think she may work at my work... and sonia the mess has now multiplied......help me ;)


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