Saturday, March 20, 2010

handmade hobart & election day in tasmania

A good day was had by us at the handmade  market even though we were outside because the hall was being used for a polling booth- I took my trusty helper Indy along and she did help me indeed- even making some sales while I was out looking/buying from other stall holders!!!

Her reward? her choice of dinner and a pair of earrings and hair slides she had been eyeing off earlier in the week- I work em hard don't I??! Had the oldest on brother watching duties as well- sounds like I'm into hard labour hey?- well what's a mum to do when she has to be at market?  All part and parcel I believe...

I had a great placement in between some lovely ladies who had a production line of knitting and crocheting going themselves- they looked great & Sonia from Sunday's Child with her adorable children's tops and dresses & nice things!!

Indy's first purchase of the day- see it's not ALL work...

From madddies cupcake creations- had to get a couple for her brothers as well.

Proof that she earned it!!  I was told I was demoted to assistant stall holder until it was time to pack up while she "managed" the stall- it was my job to get the drinks and make sure the stall was neat- hmm looks like I missed the stray leaves- dont tell the boss!!

Looking down at us all- I think if I was eager to have more outdoor markets I would need to invest in a BIG STRONG gazebo/marquee- any one looking anaconda has them on sale at the moment...

Brings back memories from when I was at school here...such beautiful old buildings

just cos its a smart looking bird and oh how I do love birds...

Now back to the sewing room madly- well tomorrow I think- as had lots of sales and now must replace and reproduce for upcoming markets next weekend:

1. mathilda's on Saturday- bit nervous about this one- hope it is really busy and that my display looks inviting and that i have lots of sales to recoup my stall fee...
2. east-side makers market on Sunday- this is a new market and I am looking forward to meeting Suzi and the girls in person and hoping for a pleasant design environment.

Wish me luck... enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone and thanks to all the lovely stall holders- It is really nice to catch up with everyone again!!


  1. Thanks Courtney it was a great day, good to catch up with you. See you at Mathilda's!

  2. no worries it was very nice to have you as a neighbor again!! Yes hope you enjoy a busy week too- and looking forward to seeing what mathilda's will bring- good luck tomorrow also!

  3. My lovely bag has already had nice comments! Good luck for Matildas.

  4. Hey Courtney, was good to see you at the market. Little Pip loves her bag of safari animals... Michael and I think the gorilla is hilarious what with his big bum hanging out everywhere, we were in stitches! (Blame our terrible toilet humour for that one!) So thanks for the laughs, we love the new addition to the toy box :)

  5. Thanks Ruth- He was a funny big bummed Gorilla hey!!! Oskar has kept a bag for himself and his fav is also the BB gorilla!!! Is always great to see you guys at the markets - thanks for your support!! xo


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