Monday, March 29, 2010

Part of Silver nutmeg's new range...

We are very excited at Silver Nutmeg & A Golden Pear headquarters because we have made a start on our new "developing" range of children's wears, toys & accessories....we will  keep posting details when we have more pics to show!!

First we have:  One of our new Halter Neck Tunic range this can either be worn as a tunic dress with length or as a stylish tunic top as modeled by my very talented assistant Indy, it is a classic & flattering a-line style with gentle gathering at the neck line on both the front and back of the tunic and is completed with a gorgeous bow on one side - I really don't know what I'd do with out Indy's help- it's not like I would model it for you guys!!!  Thank you Indy.

(This one Indy is modeling is actually a size 3 tunic dress but as you can see it fits a 9 year old wonderfully  as a tunic top- so versatile I think that part is really important to us mums!!! - oh and very comfy as reported by Indy.

Next we have:

A sample of our little lad's range these ones are some comfy slacks with designer highlights on them- Oskar did want to model these but ahem they are to fit a 9 month old....

So... not to be left out of pictures of my very talented team we have Oskar wearing a cowboy collar- (really a fabo fabric necklace Indy brought from Sonia at Sunday's Child at Mathilda's)

So anyhow back to it- have great week everyone drop in and say hi if you're up for it!!
 Courtney, Indy & Oskar xo


  1. I love the new designs Courtney & very nice fabrics too. Maybe I could borrow Indy for a modelling shoot myself, I can't seem to get my girls interested in wearing my designs yet - oh well!

  2. Cute models!!
    Hey Court how much you selling the pinnies for? I have a little niece who turns one later this month...

  3. Hey ange- glad you like them - around $30 - $40 if you would like one let me know what colours you like and a size 1 or would you like bigger?

  4. thanks sonia, yeah indy does enjoy the whole helping out bit- Im sure your girls will change their minds in no time!!

  5. Will check what size and get back to you...have a nice break :). x Is Oskar playing soccer?


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