Thursday, December 30, 2010

A New year means new plans, new ideas, new fun, new things to be discovered!!

I have always loved the idea of a new year- a clean slate to start a fresh with or just bring new ideas to the old plan.  It always seems so exciting and full of promise and dreams!!!

The past week or so has been delightful here at silver nutmeg HQ- we have had the best time with family and friends and I feel truly blessed and SO very lucky for having such amazing awesome people in my life!!

A few quick pics of some stuff at our place- as I want to get back to kiddies and teach Indy how to finger knit.

Funny note too:: after a Christmas night get together with an awesome bunch of folks- we got on to the topic of what we used to do as kids and part of this was string style origami I guess : you know about a meter of wool tied up into a loop and then you use your fingers and thumbs to make "rocket", whiskers, bridge, Eiffel tower, cup and saucer, parachute etc.... any how my kids have spent the past 4 days between mastering all these  and playing basket ball- loving it old school style!!!  New Years is teaching them "elastics"!!

~ C xo

Christmas morning fun!!

Outdoor fun!!

Yah I got one!!!

So very pretty and inspiring.

My beloved tea cup pin cushion- this I just adore!!!

A new addition- I ♥ having such crafty kind friends!!!

From my little Oskar!!! Too cute!!

Happy New Years Everyone!!



  1. Ohhh I love all your creative wall hangings - Have a great New Year. x

  2. Hi Courtney, I love the quilts the children are sitting on beside the tree. How beautiful. Hope you have a wonderful new year. Hugs, Emma.

  3. Lovely photos! Teaching finger knitting - that's on my agenda too! Happy 2011!


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