Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas

(My new wreath on my front door I treated myself to at last weekends market!!)

Christmas just seems to have sprung up so quickly this year- I don't know what it is but it just feels like it is going to involve SO much more effort this year- maybe it is just me and a result of my on going health dilemmas hmm maybe I am just getting older who knows- BUT I still ♥ Christmas and all the excitement that comes with it and I ♥ making it a special magical time for my kids and little family.

The kids have written out their letter to santa and all the cards for their classmates and teachers - now just need to put together presents for school teachers, best friends, dancing teachers...

I just think that the more simple it is the better and that nanna naps may be a must have requirement of the day followed by a nice lazy day on boxing day!!

Oh and if someone can come and clean and do my usual pre christmas de-clutter of all rooms in my house and sort the laundry and re paint indy's room and re sort and remove items from my wardrobe for vinnies and help the kids do their usual pre christmas pressies sort of what pre loved toys and books to give to vinnies THAT would SO awesome!!!!!  There has to be a magical fairy out there who would love that job doesn't there???

Any how I have more stuff to do and more lists to write.....so enjoy the night everyone and I'll pop back in soon when I have forgotten what it is that I am supposed to be writing lists about...

~C xo


  1. very cute wreath...ahhh mine turned out not so good :/

  2. Hello! I have just found your blog. It is lovely and I love your work! I too have three beautiful babes. New to the blogging world and began my own business creating this year - would love you to visit! Nice to meet you! xo


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