Monday, December 13, 2010

a good weekend- an up and down Monday.

Saturday was salamanca- an awesome day- a little crazy weather wise, but I had great neighbours for company, great shoppers, ace visitors, plus my Oskar stayed ALL day with me!!

I got some more christmas shopping done including an awesome hiragii t shirt for Oskar, and 2 little gingerbread kits for the kiddies to make next week once holidays have started!!

Then Sunday was filled with dancing and singing and costumes and hair being made up and make up and lots of little girls all excited and nervous all at once and one or two stressed mums trying to get it all perfect!! ha-ha

Indy was a dream so well behaved and loved her make up- no surprise there really- and did so well even completing her solo flawlessly!!! Not bad for a little lady who only started dancing again 6 months ago!! (Yep I was just a little proud and felt so sick with nerves for her before each of her 5 performances!!)

The concert was a blast and all of the girls did really really well!!

Then today was supposed to be filled with sewing but instead was a little chrissy shopping then I was struck down by a truly horrid migraine so have spent the day trying to recover in bed whilst giving direction to the rest of the family who are also home- Oskar has what looks like chicken pox the second time around, Indy a spained/sore knee from dancing and Marty trying to enjoy his "day off"!!

Any how wish me luck and if you have any spare please send your positive thoughts my way as I have a rather tricky day to unfold at "work" tomorrow to find out my near doubt where this head issue has come from!!

Onwards and upwards I always say!!
~C ox

Edit note: I also just received a call from my Aunty who lives in WA to let me know that my Uncle passed away this morning and she needs to get hold of my mum- has been about 15 years since I last spoke with or saw her.  Very sad- RIP Billy Kolos.


  1. Oh wow you have had an up & down day. I hope your migraine lifts and all goes well at work. Also hoping that Indy & Oskar bounce back quickly too. My thoughts are with you, your mum & extended family in your time of loss. Take care Courtney. xo

  2. Oh, Sweets! I so hope you're feeling better now - you've been having a bad run with your migraines lately. And I hope you're surviving today at work okay. Thinking of you at this sad time. J x

  3. What a day! Definitely sending good positive thoughts your way, Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope all goes well for you at work and at home :)


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