Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A sweet little break!!

Hello all- I hope you are all very well!

We have enjoyed a very nice break from things over here at Silver Nutmeg Designs HQ- I hope you have too!

My thoughts and prayers are with all of those who have been affected by the floods around the country particulary in QLD- where a lot of my relatives are at the moment!!

It is so heart warming to see all that the online community is doing to help!!  We as a family have decided to donate via both our bank and at our local Coles supermarket.

I have some fun things keeping me very busy at the moment, as well as two children on school holidays and one child moving house, however I have some really, really exciting plans for where to take silver nutmeg designs for 2011- more on that later I promise.

For a couple of sweet, sweet ladies who are waiting on their orders to be delivered I promise they are not far away- I had a small health hiccup that also put a bit of a hold on progress- however I am sure that has passed and I am now on the mend!!

Some images that I have found very inspiring to get back in and revamp my HQ room for 2011.

image from here ~ so clean and fresh and nice.....

image from here  ~ looks nice and organised and I love the colours!

image from heather bailey's sewing room......LOVE!!!

So sew pretty!!!

Enjoy your week everyone and we will be back at Salamanca market this weekend next to Irish Murphies.

~ C xo


  1. Great minds! I've had the Heather Bailey photo in my file for some time. It's reather beautiful I thought.

  2. Hi Courtney,

    They are beautiful images. I love those cupboards full of material. How divine! Have a lovely week. Emma. xx


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