Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Jazz, ballet & tap

My little girl is returning to the world of dance- with her mum & dad hoping for a less "full on" environment than her previous dance school!

At first she was happy to be leaving her old school as she really did not enjoy the severely competitive atmosphere that there was- mostly between the parents!!- and neither did we so after much discussion we all decided to leave it for a while whilst she followed other areas of creativity-

Now it has become apparent though that dance & song and performance are something she truly treasures and enjoys!- such the opposite of me!! I think she gets that from her dad- who is has been said about before that he was a bit of a show pony in the boxing ring- although I didn't say that ok?!

So anyhow we have done some serious research are hopeful we have found a nice creative environment for her to continue to learn and develop at her pace and through an enjoyed process,
plus her best friend- who is just the most adorable little girl also- attends this school !!

Anyhow after much spending over the last week or so- yes 3 pairs of shoes are required and the right style of bottoms to wear, and colour coordinated top and hair done a certain way- I did say hopeful of a change?!- we are heading back into it!! Wish us all luck
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  1. Good luck missy! I can imagine her being into her dancing.

  2. That's lovely that Indy is getting back into dancing.

    Emma started for the first time ever, just last week and is so excited - Wednesday afternoons beginner/non-competitive class. I didn't really want to start her straight into competitive classes until we see if she'll stick with it, but so far she's loving it. I know what you mean about the spending - have got the basics so far of leotard, skirt, stockings, ballet shoes & tap shoes = Over $200 + $15 per week for the class - yikes! I hope she sticks with it.

    All the best, catch up soon.


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