Tuesday, June 1, 2010

pool nights and spa indulgence

Over the weekend we had another fabo pool & pizza night which involved moving things around upstairs to allow room around the pool table- apparently you need quite a bit?- I think I may leave it like this for a while- I love a change!!  I also love having this event at our place and I think adults and children alike had as much fun as me!!! 
The little ones and I went on a super walk today- all up got about 13000 steps done during it!! So felt we were in need of an indulgence tonight and had a candle lit spa- AND I got a good 15 minutes before they discovered me and wanted to jump in!!!  [Bottom pic a bit blurry in my hastiness to jump in and enjoy!!!]


  1. yeah- we'll have to have you & leigh and kids over to the next one!!!

  2. Sounds like a lot of fun Courtney. I just love the look of your spa bath too - you lucky thing. Enjoy!


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