Thursday, September 30, 2010

a day like that

today has been weird- I SO want to do stuff- fun stuff, new stuff not boring old stuff!!  One of those days I think- perhaps tonight might be time for some new lists.....that's if I can kill this headache thats has been brewing for a few days darn headaches!!!!

Think the head issue might be related to the weather- above is the view from the balcony off my bedroom brrr.
And below is looking down from there into my front overgrown garden !!

My fav wall in the house with lots of  the family shots on there!! It has done well as the long hall is often used as a footy field, cricket pitch, dancing strip, and of late a basketball area???

My white towel corner in the down stairs bathroom- aka the kids bathroom!!  All white towels are a bliss use them and then just bleach them all and they always look so fresh!!

I wasn't sure wether to add this one or not as it is my very messy half renovated kitchen!! hehe BUT i do love my stove it is bliss!! 

a new order just about finished just needs a nice vintage white button eye!!

a pile of fabrics I am playing with for a new order for a little baby girls quilt....still playing just cant seem to make any decisive decisions this week?  Must be the head?

Any how I am off out and about now so enjoy the day everyone!!

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  1. hope your headache has gone. Why is it that headaches happen on days when we really want to do fun things!


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