Sunday, October 3, 2010

I heart: sunshine & spring

What an amazing weekend we have had in Hobart weather wise!!!

In my case I think it was just what the doctor ordered to pep up my spirits and and adorn me in so much inspiration again!!!!
We have had wonderful get together's with family and friends- so much fun!!!

Today we all went for a walk and run again- lots of fun to do this as a family- of course there are moments of slow down, wait for me, let me be first on the track, my legs per usual however these are now slowly starting to be replaced with lots of chatting and talk between parents and children, a different chatting to usual home chatting- it is really nice and also so very informative!! 
Indy also had a special weekend dancing class - she has been asking if she could join the champion group that her teacher had asked her to be a part of- after a bit of "thinking" it over we decided if she wants to do it then we will support her- she then agreed to do a solo lesson as well- both held on Saturday!! hmmm...
Then it was playing in the garden for me, Marty has started boxing training a family friend 18 year old so they went off and did that, a bit of basketball shooting and a little bit more whinging from my 7 year old- think he is a little of tired.
He has always run and kicked and played until he crashes basically and I think this awesome weekend for us all will hopefully result in a great nights sleep for us all!!

Anyhow I best head of and iron the uniforms- Marty is cooking tea and it smells YUMMY!!!
Oh plenty of new ideas and plans getting written in my book of inspiration so I will hopefully make a start on some new cool projects this week.

Have a great week everyone in blog land - say hi if you happen to swing by!!
xxoo - C


  1. I enjoyed reading that Courtz! Nice weather sure can perk you up and get you inspired me to start some spring cleaning and organising today, although was slow going with a few snuffles and sore throats.

  2. Hi Courtney! It has been just delightful, this weekend. Gorgeous photos. J x

  3. It's been a great weekend although it might be spiralling into gastro central at our house for the nexy week - spew and poo is not fun!


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