Saturday, October 9, 2010

I ♥: fun @ the barn market- thank you everyone xo


  1. Was great to see you there today! It was my first visit to The Barn Market and I was very impressed - such a lovely space and such fantastic stalls, if only I'd had more cash in my wallet I would have spent up big (I'm sure)! Also, tell Marty that his coffee and cookies & cream biscuits were fabulous.

  2. my niece loves her new yellow skirt (and so do i)!!
    All your products are so gorgeous, you're very talented.

  3. We had my sister's birthday to celebrate today so I missed you. I'll be there at the next one. BTW next time you want to do a ♥ in your blog title, turn on 'num lock' and then hold down 'alt' and '3' on the right side of the keyboard and hey presto! ♥ J x

  4. Lets tee up a friday !! If we book it now it may just happen before chrissy :)

  5. Hi Courtney,
    Just wanted to let you know that i bought a little yellow brooch from you with a nest design on it at the Market (fathers day I think). Anyway - I find myself wearing it almost every day - didn't think I'd love it this much! And we also have a pencil and notepad wallet of yours - it goes everywhere in my bag, keeps the kiddos happy and it gets lots of comments...
    Sarah :)

  6. Yah thanks so much for your comment sarah I love reading and hearing about happy customers!!! Enjoy your weekend ~ Courtney


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