Thursday, October 21, 2010

sunny day dad ♥

Our little Indy many moons ago with her first year of speech would quote every time the sun came out- "sunny day dad" with such joy in her voice!!

This has stuck now and is ALWAYS quoted by one of us as soon as we see the sun shine on a day such as the one Hobart has had today!!!

Today Oskar went to "work" with his dad - something that has evolved after Indy helping me at markets over 2010 - they have treated it as a way to "work" {and eat lots of goodies, and have plenty of hot chocolates & fizzy spider drinks & cupcakes and hot cooked breakfasts} and to "earn" some pocket money for a trip interstate in November.  Hey I'm all for fun learning!!

So Indy and I hung out at home- slept in- woohoo, and had a late girls breakie together then she did some hand sewing making a little sparrow whilst I completed some more summer silver nutmeg little ladies dresses and skirts for upcoming markets.

Any how I have to work tomorrow so am off to organise the kids as they have a student free day- am a little sad as normally I would be home tomorrow also- with 26 degrees expected- but now won't be as I have training at work :(

Have fun everyone~ and have a look here too

~ ♥ C

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