Friday, October 8, 2010

today's fun for me....

This is something I have had out ready for a quiet moment for me to start stitching....hmm that was about 4 months ago- so my plans are to take some time and quietly- or not so quietly depending on how well it goes for me ahem- and stitch this one followed by many others - always the optimist!!

More pics of earrings- these colours I really like!

And in my attempts at cleaning up to find other items I found my old treasured anatomy of lettering book- an interesting read on the history of fonts and some eye candy for my love of text.

Enjoy the upcoming wkd everyone!! xo

Have a look here at other peoples fun times.


  1. Ooh, Courtney, I like the look of that book. Is it 'Anatomy of Lettering' by Russell Laker? I might just have to hunt down a copy myself. J x

  2. It sure is Jane- I cant believe I had "forgotten" about it- my sister bought it a few years back from a cute little antique collectables store somewhere in country victoria ~ C


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