Monday, September 6, 2010

A journal & the promise of fun!!

{image from isis}

My Adorable Journal From ISIS the bottom right one with the bird- I LOVE IT!!!

Back to "work" for a couple of days the my holidays start and I have plenty planned!!! 

I have so many sewing things for me and home that I want to get that will be my first step dragging them all back out and deciding which one to go with first- knowing me I will probably sit and look at them for a day or so and then decide to start something completely new tehe!!! 
{ i will post some pics I promise}

And I have the wonderful Rosie from the Fox and the bowerbird printing some more fabric for me- YIPPEE!!!!

Surely the excitement of collecting that later in the week will get me through the next few days at work!! 

Enjoy the spring days every one!!

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  1. i'll msg you about calling in Wed or Thursday. xx those journals are cool.


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