Friday, September 9, 2011

On our white board today;

We have a board in our kitchen on the pantry door- the kids and Marty and I like to take turns in writing up happy thoughts, funny jokes and nice thought provoking quotes.

It keeps us all involved and brings up talking topics and long discussions that can be very amusing at times as miss 10 and master 7 grasp at the 'real meaning' tehe and very interesting at the individual meanings and thoughts on them all!!

I love it- it's just a simple little idea that keeps us all united kind of- one day we had "put a little happiness in every day" and the first thing Oskar asked me on the way home after school was - what was your little bit of happiness today mum?

Too cute - xo


  1. Brilliant font, is that your writing? x

  2. tehe thanks ange- it is!! Lots of fun - have always been one for cool quotes- do keeping me v happy!! Hope you are all well xo


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